I really appreciate your holiday (Especially for the fact that he is 2 months and mainly in the summer. And consider it as deserved compensation for the long polar night, the lack of sun and the normal daylight hours). Always look forward to it!

But many times faced with the statements that "don't have time to look around, and the holidays have already passed it", "so many things planned, and the result wasn't half done," etc.

But vacation is the best time for the accumulation of resources that can be accessed for a long time and in a difficult moment.

If you want to get the most from your holiday, try to answer yourself the questions below (and no matter,returned or not returned you from vacation, only plan to go for a vacation or already summarize).

Financial aspects in these matters I will not touch, because the achievement of the objectives of the vacation, by and large, from your material well-being: if you want a change of scenery and travel, it can be done without leaving the region (the benefit in each area there are a huge number of unknown sites); if you want to spend it on education – that offer among online courses exceeds demand; if you want to spend time with your family or someone close to you, it is often almost free; and about entertainment and say nothing: in each city a huge number of them (you can not only visit, but also their own to come up).


Ø what is the purpose of your vacation? If you want to relax, then from what? Try the answer to this question is formulated clearly and understandable.

Ø What are the criteria of quality rest for me? What would be the best result? How do I know that I did it? How I'll feel after a good vacation? What are the steps I'm going to make this happen?

Ø How long is your vacation? Are you going to take all the days of their vacations or part? Perhaps you can define its duration?

Ø For modern people is very important and topical issue: whether a brother with a variety of gadgets or better "to disconnect from the world" and not to tell anyone where you're going?

Ø What activities will you do on holiday? (General cleaning and repair of the apartment – the same kind of activity!But if you make such a decision, then what is the rest?)What I'll do on vacation that in the end, I will bring valuable experience? Remember that the best rest is change of activity and the alternation of intellectual and physical labour.

Ø What are the lessons in the holidays usually bring you real joy and pleasure? Of this list you'll save this time?

Ø What you want to add new? What do you want to try?

Ø What hobby you pay more attention?

Ø What experiences do you want to fill your vacation? How are you going to reduce the intensity of sad emotions and translate them into bright and cheery?

Ø What new places you want to visit?

Ø What new knowledge you want to on vacation?

Ø Who are close colleagues or friends to accompany you on vacation? Who are you most comfortable?

Ø would you Like to make new friends or restore old ones?

Ø How will you take care of your health during your vacation? (Spa, resort, massage, walking outdoors, going to the gym, trips to the beautician, etc.)

Ø What is valuable will appear in my life if I rest?

I Hope answers to these will aprosimova to get you the optimum benefit and positive emotions! Remember that the implementation of quality rest depends on you.

Let your holiday will give you real relaxation, joy and pleasure, let it become a powerful resource for addressing issues and challenges!

Elena Shovina

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Shovina Elena
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