How to make yourself bad.


the human Brain is a wonderful tool but, unfortunately, the instructions for use and use to it, everyone has to create their own. Often people themselves create the wrong settings and use them while testing a sufficiently large number of problems in life. Under settings refers to the images, because the images a person thinks and perceives the reality surrounding him. These images of the man himself paints with his emotions. When a person is going to take some new action he believes is guided by its own thoughts, but this is not always true. In most cases, people tend to use the images that they have already formed, either through personal experience or borrowed from outside. Try to describe any action which you never committed and will see this.

the Paradox is that a person more familiar and easier to use those images that cause his antipathy. This happens because the negative emotional coloring of the image is better remembered. People with less will remember the pain that it caused, rather than a feeling of gratitude. A classic example is that of relationships with parents. "My parents insisted I went to a certain University," hurt said the young man. However, he completely forgets that at the same time, the parents gave him the freedom of choice of profession. The guy, in fact, resents the fact that his parents made the choice for him, although he was grateful to them for that. Subsequently, he will most likely experience resentment toward parents, and accordingly, the images are negative, it is easier to remember them. To use it they can in any situation associated with the choice. In other words, the solution to the problem of choice will be presented to him in the most that neither is bleak. The situation may worsen by the fact that the guy will develop a fear of making responsible decisions that can lead to great troubles in different spheres of life. Of course, I'm exaggerating a bit, but given the fact that our brain is constantly trained and we do custom in a certain way, such a development is quite feasible.

by Using negative images, the people themselves, in many ways, provoking turmoil in your life. You often hear the phrase, especially from young people, "I don't know what I want to do in life." In my opinion, one of the reasons for this is that the images formed with the young people for the work that they themselves do not appeal to me. Why this is so, it is a different story. But the brain has already received specific instructions and their acts.

When a person goes to a meeting, be it an interview or a first date, he feels, even unconscious fear, as all new scares, to varying degrees, of course, and this is not the only sense in such situations. The images that people use during this time can hardly be entirely positive or negative. But, often, they are very far from the real situation. Remember, as in the famous joke about women "she came up, she was offended"/and in some cases this for men absolutely/, people use the images that they are accustomed to. It can make life less dull, but not happy.

no One will dispute the fact that some habits are very easy life. Still, the use of stereotyped behavior and way of thinking, in some cases, unacceptably. When a person uses the images that he chose for himself constantly, and with regard to any case, he can in a situation when this will cause him problems. Perception is reality sometimes requires the rejection of the imposed and memorized the pictures, because the reality is they may not fit. As an example, for practice, try to replace any negative image, to positive, when you perform actions and look at the process and the result. Immediately is not easy to do, but it's worth it.

Live with joy! Anton Black.

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Anton Yurievich
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