How to meditate in the bustle, noise and other difficult conditions


it is easiest to meditate somewhere in Tibet, or at least in a quiet room, with candles and a scent of Oriental spices. Is it possible without going to the mountain monastery and a specially organized space to practice meditation?

by the Way, the stillness - is not a prerequisite. You can meditate while Jogging, yoga, dance and even a conversation with her husband. The question is, what to completely focus.

the Breath is the easiest object to focus on. We all breathe, and if I don't breathe, then what kind of meditation! Can within yourself to say the words "inhale" and "exhale" - to direct attention to these processes. To breathe. To watch what happens. Feel like moving chest, abdomen. Have fun. Thoughts may come and go, to escape is normal. It is important not to judge yourself for it, and gently return attention to the breath.

you Can try meditation - contemplation. For example, on a walk to look at the world with attentive eyes. Not to think about what I see, not analyze. To watch and absorb. It is desirable that the scenery was nice, at first. Although they say that it is possible to contemplate simple gray concrete wall or closed door. I love nature and practice of contemplative meditation when I manage to get into the woods, the Park or to the river Bank. But I know those for whom the object of meditation - architecture or art.

Meditation in action is good for those who loves the activity or involuntarily engaged in some kind of work - potatoes, say, cleans. If to send attention and focus - this is meditation, immersion into the case. It works everywhere: fitness, yoga, cleaning. I have a car in this condition my. Bonus - the result often turns out incredible. A deeper study of the body, is purified potato or sparkling machine.

But perhaps the most amazing thing to me is the practice of meditation on another person. Listen with attention, to feel the sound and rhythm of the voices, see the facial expression. Note what happens to thoughts and his body. In conversation it is harder to do when you need to respond to the other party. But attentive listening can be practiced as meditation.

When peace grows inside, it eliminates the need to look for it somewhere far away in the mountains.

Galina Balanco
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