How to motivate teenagers 14-17 years in school?


   Quite often this is a concern for parents. Yes, and how not to worry? Before the eyes of parents is always the future of their child with the grim question of what is waiting for him with bad grades, not learned the lessons in school are not handed over session in the College or school.

How often parents talk with their children?

"You need to do your homework"

"Why don't you think about your future?"

"What awaits you with these grades, you get kicked out of school"

"You never think, how to live"

"You are totally irresponsible"

Tone at the same time, usually, pressing, strict. A loving parent will hold an educational talk explaining how important it is to study, finish school, UNIVERSITY, College. At the same time, experiencing the frustration of that beloved child does not want to feel responsible for your life and your future life path.

why do Teens need to learn to take responsibility for your life, if it and so have responsible parents?

Conversations parents and kids often like a monologue where a parent inspires how to live, and the child or sluggish, or actively resists. Or sometimes for the kind of agrees to go away soon.

Parents used to think children depriving their children of chances to learn to think for themselves.

How can I teach my children to think?

Translate the monologues into dialogues.

Translate the guidance and approval of the questions for reflection.

Options for dialogue:

- you Have bad grades, what do you think?

- do you think that can be a problem for the delivery of the session?

- what do you think, do you need to know well this object?

- What's best for you in your opinion, to continue their studies after high school or go to work? Where would you like to work after school?

- is it Important for you to finish school? What other options you see for yourself?

- What are you gonna do if you get expelled?

- What are you going to do if I pass the exam?

- If you need help or advice, you can always contact me.

it is important to teach Children to think: about your life, about your future, about their desires, about the consequences of their actions. It is important to build a conversation with them in the form of a dialogue, which would allow them to think and analyze what is happening

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