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Hello friends!

I don't know whether it makes sense in the near future to speak and write about something other than football in which the world will go crazy for a few days. However, as they say old Ecclesiastes, "this too shall pass" – next Sunday. And then, after the last final whistle, riot lucky winners and grief disconsolate losers – people clipnow from the screen, will suddenly discover that half the summer is already irretrievably passed.

not To get too upset about it, I suggest to distract from the views, discussions, predictions and feelings on a really useful thing – our next oratorical training. With new exercises, of course – get involved!

the Recorder with the interception

If you have time to master the exercise "the tape" from the past release you will not be difficult to listen carefully and literally to reproduce two or three of the last sentence of any person. But for a good speaker to listen carefully and remember – this is only half the story. It would be nice to be able to gently intercept the flow of the conversation and direct it wherever we need. It is this ability to perfectly develop an advanced version of the "recorder," "recorder with interception". Now we need not only to repeat the words of the partner in the conversation, but to continue his thought and then in a few sentences coherently and naturally move to their topic.

How to do

To start compiling a list of some theses, which are going to conduct business. It can be anything – from a purely practical "shipment will only take place upon payment" to the most abstract "Napoleon only wanted to force Alexander I to support the blockade of Britain". Then, as in the previous version, select the source virtual or real.

In the first case the best fit set of short video / audio news on different themes – after each click on the pause, repeated verbatim two or three concluding sentences – and try to "intercept subject": the minimum number of "moves with" the most natural thing to do to his thesis, the first from the list. Then listen to another news – and beautifully "tied" to her second point. And so on.

...a reviewer had questions to quality of dairy products sold, storage conditions, and time of her life.

- Yes, the inspection had questions to quality of dairy products sold, storage conditions, and time of her life. In General, it's a shame that in our country, with its centuries-old traditions in agriculture still is possible. Because the Russian peasant has always differed diligence and ingenuity – both in work and in battle. Even before the invincible Bonaparte Dubin peasant war prevailed. Incidentally, historians say that Napoleon was not going to conquer Russia. He just wanted to make Alexander I to support the blockade of Britain...

the Living partner can also ask to just read or tell a variety of news, but it is better to arrange joint testing in the form of creative improvisatory duel. Each is a list of abstracts – the more varied the better – and again and again, repeating the final phrase of the partner, translates the conversation "on their rails."

If you are lucky enough to meet, you can try option when one chooses only a single argument, and you are talking in a circle or in a random order, following the same algorithm: repeat the last phrase of the interlocutor – intercept-improvisation – theme. In short, the options are endless – and you can invent your own )).

Traffic history

As the summer people and a lot of happy travel – travel by cars and trains, fly planes and gliders, walk on the yacht, he told God to use this moment to practice our public speaking skills. Genre road of history known since ancient times and, seemingly, simple as a rake – tell us about your trip.

But, suddenly you may find that without some training to tell boring and wishy-washy about the interesting journey, much easier than the bright and fun about uninteresting. Of course, photos and videos from your smartphone can be a little add color to any story. But they need to be accompanied by some modicum of explanation.

But every time talking about our adventures we like again and again to live them over again, and for free )). Impressive memories is the main value of any adventure. And skillful knowledge of the word multiplies the value many times – so it makes sense to invest in this skill a little time.

How to do

I Assume with this exercise, everything is clear. Take any movement of human in space – and talk about it imaginary or real audience. Pay attention to the opening before us a tremendous variety of options for working out depending on the purpose of the story, the audience and circumstances of speech (Yes, Yes, Yes, who doesn't remember is basic questions prepare the presentation).

Take the simplest explanation to the counter passer-by "how to get to the library": that is to say, if he knows the area, but was not in the library? For the first time in this city? Generally a foreigner? The cyclist? Wheelchair? And how better to explain if the night? But if you only have three minutes? And if that cute girl / handsome guy, and you want to impress and somehow extend the communication?

Imagine talk about their vacation or business trip. As the story goes for friends? For parents? For colleagues at work? And if possible show photos on your phone? And plasma with three-foot diagonal? What shall we say to the audience also wanted to go this route? And in any case not wanted? How will the story, if we are tired / excited / upset / procrastinating / distracting?

in short, the mass of options. But you can also add virtual tours, trips, about which we only dream of, the routes we came up with, and stuff, stuff, stuff. Do you want to tell about yourself? Remember the exciting stories about the fascinating journeys of other people – from school friend Petit Vasechkina to any of the great Explorer.

As usual, extremely useful to record their performances on tape (or video), and then critically evaluated using the principles of feedback high quality independently or with the help of experts. By the way, the exercise of the "Road story" it is currently combined with active participation in the football madness this summer. Combine the pleasant with the useful – work out in the story "How I went (drove) to watch football at the stadium (in the fanzone, sports bar, friend's house) for the match Tunisia – Netherlands (Denmark – Australia)". Make people interested ).

Well, I'm also on the road for new useful exercises for you. Will soon meet again.

If necessary, ask for help in the rhetorical practices and psychological issues small and large gift tips for cash – on Skype or in person. I welcome your questions, thoughts, comments. Write on e-mail vsl7 on Stay healthy, warm and happy summer days!


Vyacheslav Alemasov.

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