Recommendation to the students before exams

In the examination time there is always psychological stress. The stress at this is a normal reaction of the body.

Easy emotional outbursts, they have a positive impact on health and enhance mental activity. But excessive emotional stress often has the opposite effect.

the Reason for this is, first and foremost, a personal relationship to the event. It is important for the formation of an adequate attitude to the situation. It will help graduates to intelligently distribute power to prepare and pass the exam, and parents to provide their child the right support.

the Exam is only one of the trials of life, many of which still have to go through. Do not attach the event too important not to increase the excitement.

With the right approach, exams can serve as a means of self-affirmation and raising personal self-esteem.

Pre-set a goal that You do.

no One can ever be perfect. Let the achievements do not always coincide with the ideal, but they are Your personal.

do Not be afraid of mistakes. You know, that is not mistaken who does nothing.

People ambitious to succeed, succeed in life much more than those who are trying to avoid failure.

tips for parents

make home a comfortable place to study, make sure that none of the household does not interfere with the child with homework.

Pay attention to the child's diet: during intense mental effort he needs nutritious and varied food and a balanced complex of vitamins. Foods such as fish, cheese, nuts, dried apricots, etc. stimulate the brain.

do Not raise the child's anxiety before the exam — this can adversely affect the test results. The child is always passed the excitement of the parents, and if the adults in a critical moment can not cope with their emotions, the child age specificity can be emotionally "break", most importantly, to reduce stress and anxiety and ensure suitable conditions for training and examination.

Increase their self-confidence because the more the child is afraid of failure, the more likelihood of making mistakes.

Watch the health of the child, no one but You will not be able to notice and prevent the deterioration of the child's condition associated with the fatigue or deterioration of health.

Control mode of preparation of the child, do not overload, explain to him that he must alternate classes with periods of rest.

on the Eve of the examination provide the child a good rest, he needs to relax and how to sleep

Novenkiy Irina
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