How to pluck the peacock's feathers or the tale of the extinction of the marriage. About strong woman and weak men why.


Defeated the dragon and won the heart of ladies, and got married.... And that's it?!!!

tales of knights and dragons written long ago that do not take into account the needs of the modern princesses.

And they need to get the choice of new feats in the name of her!

modern Princess already own like podavaite.

the Wedding is not the merit of the knight, but rather the victory of the ladies. Among the women, dozens of former that she was able to become his lawful wife!

And now an avid Svobodnaya, a bachelor and a lone wolf taken in a languid "captive" to a happy marriage.

a Bundle of peacock's feathers, symbolizing the "eligible bachelor" plucked from a peacock's tail, which every noble knight, sticking out of... well, of course a helmet.

What to do now Princess conqueror. Remove the armor and to clean the pots?

But what is this green in his podsypaniem the peacock tail? Feathers - "child free" and "we are not ready for children, we have many resources...".

Is lying, and she triumphantly holds the pregnancy test in one hand and a bunch of his Chail stock of feathers in the other.

Followed by a new victory: to prove to everyone that she can cope with raising a child, she pulls his pen called "I'm a great father."

after the decree, she hangs in a frame at work the pen, which says that once her blessed was the "Breadwinner".

What else victories can treat yourself to our woman warrior in relations with the once brilliant knight?

At some point feathers left whatsoever, the knight conquered. But what about the lady to understand that she is still in the form of what is desirable and good?! for the sake of it he's still willing to make sacrifices, when he's got nothing left to sacrifice?

Can bare...slimy knight to be a reason for pride, to give emotions and self-confidence?

Our Princess will not will have even beginning to fantasize that maybe he has another lady and then have a second round?

And what about the knight? Subdued and aware of its futility, broken and useless, whether he is able to new achievements and victories? Does he have enough forces to achieve new heights in your career? What he again and again to conquer his woman?

So I took off my helmet, a bald knight, spread a ragged cloak and lay down to die.

What remains to do a strong woman? Only annoyed to grumble about what he has become, that the marriage has exhausted itself. And, putting on the whole economy (and its taken from husband) suffer about a strong man.

This is just an example, each of the young princesses their victory, the knight and the path of self realization.

But as they say, a fairy tale lie, Yes in it a hint, strong girls lesson.

You can always write to me personally and to discuss your questions or ideas!

Andriana S.
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