the Question is not easy. The therapist asks you why you smoke, and begin to look for reasons in your childhood. The Gestalt therapist will ask you here-and-now feel and want in the context of your request? Cognitive-behaviorally the therapist will go in the course of your thoughts and beliefs that stand in the Smoking process, carefully assessing your every move and behavior. Psychodramatist and theatre psychologist will suggest you to be a cigarette and go your myth archiepiscopo hero from beginning to end, as well as to explore Smoking as a phenomenon in art. Bodily therapist to offer you to explore your body and the world of the senses in the context of Smoking, and tanatotherapy is to restore all of your internal processes through modelling of death in your body. The existential therapist will offer a way to study Smoking as one of the meanings of your life? The group therapist will help you to find a solution to the dynamics of relationships between participants in a uniform "12 step" program of rehabilitation of chemical dependent and polymorphic in the therapeutic group. Social and family therapists will work with your surroundings and family who suffer from your Smoking habits. The occupational therapist will help you through therapy to restore employment meaningful to you areas of professional activities that have been damaged or become not available to you due to many years of Smoking. Occupational therapist will help you to quickly return to a working life. The neurologist and neuropsychologist will clearly explain to you the reason in the disturbed balance of neurotransmitters, which pushes people to use Smoking as a crutch in life, and maybe even make you to calm your encephalogram (abbr. EGG) on the memory. Somatic doctor will take you by the hand into the anatomical theatre and will show the lungs of a smoker, thoroughly impregnated with tar from cigarettes, and at the same time will give a lecture about the dangers of Smoking and refer to the doctor-pulmonologist. On the way to the last you will buy a pack of nicotine patches, once again deciding to quit Smoking. And what would you recommend a psychiatrist? Will write you some anti-depressant and a few nootropics, planting you with Smoking tablets (professional, of course, I will kick you to my colleague, doctor, therapist, or psychologist-psychotherapist), and can even send you on a survey of somatic doctors, and at the same time for the diagnostics to patopsychology to exclude hidden pathology of your psyche.

But the reasons for Smoking and the ills of the smoker is much deeper and more complex than one-sided response of an expert in the mind and body. Smoking is a habit, and way of life, and the way to cope from anxiety and psychological difficulties of everyday life, and the label "adult tude", it is a social mask, it's and endless game quit-to start, this co-dependent triangle of Karpman, this is the theme that unites people (like the smokers club), this symbolic sex with yourself (Masturbation direct in an explicit form), and that is an excuse for inaction and a desire not to change anything in your life, it's a covert way of slow suicide it is both a gift of God and the curse that is part of your personality. Only a person dependent on an external object that is perceived as the continuation of self (just like iPhone = I phone, I-cigarette or isharat). No cigarettes, cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarette, mini hookah, vaping, even the "rocket" is nothing to do and no nest egg-cannot, and does not shoot anyone — a person is not a person, and the condition is getting grim. Many smokers with difficulty, but unable to overcome withdrawal and withdrawal syndrome, which can last up to several years. It's even scarier than riding a roller coaster. I saw a beautiful girl who quit Smoking, but the habit continued to walk for the company in the Smoking-room to breathe cigarette smoke. Its pathetic the way near the trash with a bunch of bulls vividly etched in my memory. It is an eternal prodrome, subdepressivee condition, irritability, tearfulness, etc. And, of course, the nightmares, where you proceed a huge cigarette and frantically begs her to smoke, saying that it would be the absolute last time and forcing to remember the whole routine ritual of Smoking from the first step the groping of a pack in your pocket or purse and to the smoldering cigarette butt. But after physiology, on the surface there is a person with all his ambiguous psychology and diversity of social interactions with the outside world. This fabric is very thin and vulnerable. Here's the only real work begins in psychotherapy of personality. Smoking is just a signal and prelude to the knowledge of deep and intimate relationships, self-esteem and values, search for their meanings of life.

And that would tell the physician and writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov about the question of how to quit Smoking? (I'm sure if he lived in the present — it was a great largest existential psychotherapist in the likeness of Irving aloma) And by the way, he said! Read his heartwarming story "Home", or how to wean a man Smoking. It is amazing the depth the story the boy and his father where Smoking is an invitation to get acquainted and understanding each other. How did the father still to persuade the boy to quit Smoking? This question every man will find his personal answer. And in that story is the answer to all your questions. This is a story of mystery, which requires repeated reading.

Author: C.b.N., medical (clinical) psychologist, Gestalt therapist, tratament leading dynamic therapeutic groups, Dmitry V. Neshchadim

Neshchadim Dmitry
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