Smoke on health. Well, or throw. And if you are a smoker, do not suffer.
what makes a person quits Smoking? It's all: nicotine patches, acupuncture, book by Alan Carr, hypnosis...
a Person quits Smoking just like that, one morning getting up because his head will sewelmat.
Somekne true need. Then he put one from the patch, at least from the books, although from what look out the window:
- What a wonderful dry autumn. So I'll throw Smoking today)

But why will not leave Smoking man, so it is with fear. Smokers know that Smoking is bad and continue to smoke. On the packs painted a terrible picture. By the way, I think this is idiocy on the level of the government.
If you smoke, smoke in peace. If you smoke and suffer, then add yourself an alarm that is bad for the psyche.
If you somekne in mind the true motivation, desire and method, then you will quit Smoking one morning from anything.
I talk often with people about Smoking, tabukashvilli, methods of disposal.
I Hear:
- You speak well, you have never smoked and do not understand the true suffering of the smoker. I have an addiction at the cellular level, I can't handle it, it is a disease.

it is Not necessary La-La)
I smoked for 27 with breaks in a couple of years. Not kurou because I'm not a psychologist, and psychologists do not smoke, we rose edinoroga.
I do not smoke for seven years just because I have ceweknya. I found a true need to stop Smoking, and have solved in the evening and in the morning and left.
Yes, I remember that first day, eyegouger and two more behind him, but tolerable.

There are people who just smoke and smoke. Not going to throw. This is because the cast seems to them a completely unrealistic task, they become accustomed to the habit and do not understand the causes.
And there are people who smoke and want to quit. I recent years I wanted. Smoke quietly until, until you have jenkner head.

Rule "nesaprata", it works for you.

don't ban Smoking, says Alan Carr and I say to you.
While Smoking, Smoking quietly. If you want to quit, start looking for motivation, read, think.
No restrictions, scary photos, the pressure of family and friends will not help you to quit, although will support, when it is.
Smoke in peace, and one morning stand up and just drop.
Today? In day of refusal of Smoking?

Lungs you lungs.

How are you? Smoke? Smoked?


Orphan Olga
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