How to raise a child with a Playa, when you're a child of the Soviet Union?


That is no respect, acceptance of you as individuals were not in sight.

It will "grow talk", "don't like it, you can do what you need to do", "while you live here and I feed you - you should". And that's not the worst option.

And now, my own child is born. And I become a hostage of his childhood. I am very smart, I'm a psychologist, then a little bit of time, but still, knowledge is. But react spontaneously - as with me. Pull up, hurry, reproach.

Yeah, maybe not in the same way as my parents, is not totally and universally, not so hard, but nevertheless the fruits of this are visible. The daughter begins to fear mistakes, to fear me.

As it is difficult to understand, to see the effect, and not being able to control this process.

it is Difficult to deploy it back.

the Sight of the mother, or grandmother, leading the child to the kindergarten or school and is already screaming and swearing at us quite normal.

Then I began to notice - scolded the baby in the morning - her whole day upside down, everything goes wrong, it hurt and so on.

Gradually had to adjust himself with his character. had to work a lot.

And it turned out that we all turned on its head.

We can not accept the fact that the child is not doing what we want - and it should not. Will try to do so he started to do it.

My daughter began to wash the dishes because gradually accustomed, accustomed, and not because I forced her. Reminded sometimes and now I recall - Yes. But do not force, not coercion.

the Child should not be able to paint beautifully. He does not age.

psychiatrists Have excellent reference to child rearing - do accents for the child's success. Then he will consider himself a success and will try more and more, the range of its interaction with the environment will be expanded. He will continue to penetrate into the unknown, to try new.

Who grows, when the emphasis on the shortcomings we already know.

over time you get used to the fact that nothing wrong in the fact that once again you forgot the key or lost mittens - no. What the deuce is a beautiful score, and blame the teacher, not your child. when a lot of them. Try interested. It's pedagogy.

our children Have excellent teachers who have all the children very well know the subject. Is the "woof-woof-woof", "please Come to school Your boy on the tip of my English lessons!". Take it, and go on refresher courses. Send teacher of English there.

And that's when my baby realized that mother is always on her side. I always take care of her, and less was in the house of conflicts on the subject of her flaws - was a lot of respect.

And to me and to her.

Yes, it took time. And a lot of work, but work on yourself.

Much harder than "I was beaten. I grew up normal and he'll grow."

When we want to help - we can help.

Set the limits and borders but with respect. Praise, how to teach and explain how not to.

All of this work is primarily of a parent of itself.

You will change dramatically in the end of this path, and Your child will thrive as he is.

Inna Boyko
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