How to raise the happiest children in the world: 5 secrets mom from Denmark

they Say that in Denmark there are the happiest kids in the world. Maybe we should take their example?

Imagine the situation: within 14 weeks after birth you will receive your full salary for being on maternity leave. But if you have a partner, then both of you during the year will be provided with leave to care for a child. The law guarantees that.

Welcome to Denmark — a country that occupies a leading position in the ranking of the happiest people in the world. This is the same country that gave us huge — the idea of coziness and comfort, which attacked the Internet in 2016.

Denmark is a place where babies colicky less often than other children in the world. Here parents believe that their children will get a place in kindergarten, and part of the payment for it will take over the state. Yeah, sounds like a dream. But probably the Danes created it with his own hands, and we have much to learn from them.

Enjoy every day decreta



When a woman goes on maternity leave in Russia, she usually says goodbye to his career and money for a few years. Employers are not very happy when the employee leave the workplace for maternity leave and even less happy when an employee returns from a long vacation — now it will be a series of endless hospital.

Many mothers feel pressure from the authorities and consider themselves guilty if they take time off work.

They definitely have a lot to learn from Danish women. Here, women can be sure that it's completely normal to take as much vacation days as necessary for recuperation after childbirth.

In Denmark, mothers and fathers guarantee paid leave in order to get to know your baby and to get used to the new role of parent.

Mothers provide 4 weeks of paid vacation during pregnancy in order to enable them to prepare for childbirth. And 14 weeks after birth. Fathers provide 4 weeks of paid vacation.

moreover, the parents presented with 32 weeks of paid vacation for two. They can be used separately or at the same time.

Send your child to kindergarten and go on rabotu


In Russia, the parents are often unable to find a balance between work and personal life. This leads to a feeling of guilt towards each other and towards the children who need parental warmth from the first days of life. In Denmark, the debate about the need to work after the birth of a child are much quieter and more discreet.

the Country is proud to be ranked second in the world in the number of working mothers, 78% of which go to work immediately after the kids went to school.

family Members decide whether they work or stay home in the case of replenishment in the family. But if we can learn from Danish mothers anything, it's to not worry if the mother made the decision to work after birth. These mothers show they love their profession.

the children raised in this atmosphere will grow happy and healthy!

Let kids be detime


did you know that LEGO was invented in Denmark? In a country where children have a very happy childhood.

Well the Danes that their country was recently recognized as one of the safest places in the world. As parents, this is not radovatsya!


Danish children are taught to be independent since early childhood. Parents encourage the game without the company alone. Eben Sandal (Iben Sandahl) and Jessica Alexander (Jessica Alexander), the authors of the book "Parenting in Denmark: what the happiest people on Earth know about the education of independent and gifted children", argued that free play helps Danish children to develop not only self-control, but also endurance and protection against possible adverse situations.

Children who are taught to cope with difficulties without getting stuck in them, have all chances to become happy and balanced adults.

But it is not only independence. Danish children are able to fully live the world of childhood. Two thirds of them doing outdoor activities and enjoying, so to speak, a breath of fresh air (frisk luft).

Give your child a good obrazovanie

Education for the Danes is very important. So they implemented a system that prepares children for future life. And to help them in this will be the whole country.

In the Nordic countries higher education is free for students and is funded by the tax contributions of the parents. But the Danes don't just send children to College.

Vocational training is another important component of the Danish educational system that helps children to know themselves better and choose their path in life.

What conclusion arises by itself?

allow children to be independent in their studies — is useful. Yes, you will still be able to check your child's homework. But to stand over me and correct grammatical errors in the process of writing sure to what.

Live relaxed, not looking at storonam


After all what was said about Denmark, you probably want to move to "Paradise". But remember that nobody is perfect happiness and freedom. Even the Danes.

Remember that happiness is not a prescription. Everyone sets priorities for themselves and feels when he lives well. The secret is to be honest with yourself and listen to your heart to make decisions is always "in their favor".

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