How to recover from depression without drugs?


If busted for a long time and you don't know "why this?" Now tell about what really works (if you still somehow feel in control, and the hospital with a mountain of antidepressants is not yet your only way out!) So, you are functioning normally, go to work, carry out cleaning, and talking to t/D. If I don't get up, it's time to go to the hospital. It matters.

so, 1️) make physical activity an hour a day. Ideally, sport! If long like not doing anything, start with walking in the fresh air! Then preferably running, Biking, Hiking cross country, Hiking for mushrooms (highly recommended in the company of men). If the gym and not immediately pull the dumbbells, aerobics at home. But the whole HOUR! Not 15 minutes break for lunch!

Why is it important?! Our ancient brain cerebellar, primary education, same as in animals-mammals, is not able "to see the world and make an intelligent assessment", it is this brain, stupid and primitive but very viable. And if he doesn't like something, you have logical arguments will not convince that you have a "everything is fine". Your depression is the assessment of the ancient brain of your state of life, the type - anything worthwhile will be gone, it's time to wrap in a shroud and crawl towards the cemetery! All. This brain gives the signal to all other systems that are responsible for your activity: sleep! Don't waste valuable energy! Its so little! And comes the DEPRESSION is the analogue of hibernation in animals.
If you start moving for an HOUR a day to sweat, the ancient brain wakes up: Oh, it seems spring has come! Around there's food! Once a person runs for an hour a day, so he HUNTS and kapsulirovat energy, and waste, she still filled!!! And you gradually, not suddenly start again "live" step by step! (Study by American psychologists revealed that the brain perceives... not visual and not auditory signals, the reptilian brain is blind and deaf, he receives information about the environment via the signals of our muscle contractions.

the Second paragraph, which will help, (exclusively for women) is:
SPEND MORE TIME IN the company of MEN! Really, experts have long noted that most (or rather guaranteed. Depression will be the woman who the man was... and suddenly disappeared! No matter why: threw, divorced, he died. The result of one - loss men, which had become accustomed, we feel a terrible discomfort, and often go into deep depression!

the Presence of any male person (preferably 2-3, group), leads the woman is unconsciously in a state of rest! Work again the ancient instincts - if in the area there is a man/many men, then the woman will be nourished and protected as a member of the pack (and now it's not about sex), just closing the underlying needs. In the presence of men, we imagine, "suffer", the ancient cerebellar brain relaxed!

And now, do an experiment, take a pen/ calculator and figure out how many hours a day do you spend in the company of men? If you work in the women's team, come home, where you live with your mother and sister, and going to the movies tonight with a friend, the risk of slipping into depression you have upgraded! But when (respectively) you work with men, live at least with dad or favorite grandfather and go to the movies with a classmate, the chance to save energy in times above! I'm not talking about the presence of a loving husband!

so, what do we do? The maximum increase their presence in the company of men!!! If you decide to go to learn - choose courses not "sewing", and the business processes and business English there are more men. If you have a gym membership, visited not aerobics in the women's team, and go to the gym, where by you will be puffing and sweating half-naked men! If you signed up for a massage (highly recommend in case of a breakdown!) - go to the massage man! And tutor in English take someone? That's right, the teacher, not the teacher.

Even after talking 5 minutes with the security guard uncle Bob, a plumber Petrovich and seller in M-video, we are treated! Committed to the prevention of depression! in the presence of men our hormones, whether we like or not, changing for the better "correct" side. We bloom! And of course, if we don't have a husband, we should not sit and wait, and actively look for him! Well, if the husband is, we need to understand why he doesn't "save" you from depression!

good luck and good mood! Well, about the sun, another important point, you now surely know.

Yuliya Averyanova
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