When it is easy on the heart – and the pace is light.

Japanese proverb

to Live here and now... it would Seem, what could be easier? Wake up with the sunrise. To look at the world, knowing its beauty, uniqueness and originality. Filled with peace or serenity from the fact that in this infinite world of possibilities you're safe. To open widely eyes, ears and gain a full chest of air. To perceive the world around all the senses. To realize the value of this moment, this second that will never happen again. To experience the exciting connection with all things...

Surprising is the fact that each of us has all the richness of colors and sensations. But it is hidden under a thick layer of mental "garbage" that thoroughly overshadows us a panoramic view. And we're carrying a baggage of similar thoughts, beliefs, expectations about attitudes and values. Not just drag but still afraid somehow to let go. Maybe the fact that we fear to be empty, after parting with that baggage, much of which we have received by inheritance? But this is not emptiness, and lightness. The ease of perception, existence, life. Lightness of being.

Why is nobody taught us how to find lightness of being? The fact that our "teachers of life" themselves have suffered from the lack thereof. But it was for everyone. Once a long time ago. When we collected the sacks from gum, enjoying Fanta bottle by stretching drinking it for a few days... When rewinding a tape cassette with a pencil so as not to waste the batteries in the player... Everyone can get to these points in their own time machine. One small excerpt of that era can bring back vivid, bright memories.

So what were our "teachers of life" during this period, forfeits, inserts, magazines? After all, they did do our training. Invest in us knowledge, skills, and principles. Passed one after the other components of your own life Luggage. I thank them for that – they did what they could. They taught us importance. However completely forgetting about lightness. I can understand them because they were thinking about primary and most important things. Filling the bowl with items of Luggage in it, each time getting less and less space for lightness, which was initially in excess.

What do we have now? The Cup is filled to the brim, and there is no place for lightness of being? Precious time forever lost?

not at all. Our ability to learn we have still remained. Those are wonderful skills to repeat new sounds, copy tone of voice and facial expressions of the parents. Innate ability to learn to model. In order to use it, don't need no degrees, and doctoral degrees.

But now the situation will change. Students will take the place of teachers. This point was well beaten in the television magazine "Yeralash". There the boy remained on duty after school in an empty classroom. He held an imaginary, instead of the pupils at their desks sat teacher. The boy asked tricky questions about the homework, and the teachers couldn't answer and shyly asked me not to put them two and not to call parents.

However, I am now on full series about learning from children. One look into the child's eyes will be enough to understand what a "master lightness of being". His eyes burn, there's an energy, he is like the embodiment of zest for life in all its manifestations. You will not even be able to convince him of the seriousness of some of your important life problems faced by. Because in his understanding it will only be a small difficulty.

And we once were the same. Young geniuses and masters of lightness of being. And our Cup was not yet full, and the Luggage was much smaller. Somewhere inside of us remains forever a part that remembers. Eric Berne would say that this is our inner child. When dealing with a real child in life, we unconsciously activate our inner. Noticing the way he looks at the world as responsive as it enters and thinks we are putting it all on himself.

So we get a chance to get back to that magical time and feeling. just that we can teach children to regain a sense of lightness of being. And return, and not to create or where to find something. If we find something within itself.

This does not mean that we should start to behave like children, capricious or to abandon any life values or responsibility. And it is impossible. Efficiently restore those wonderful feelings, we will improve the contact with yourself. We can better understand ourselves, others, including children.

Our "baggage" will do its utmost to prevent the return of an easy life. It is called Luggage conditionality. All sorts of "possible", "impossible", "should not", "should" make up its Foundation. As mentioned above, it cannot be in the here and now. It distracts us from the colours of life and enjoying the splendor of the world. No wonder our inner child "lost" in this huge larder of conditionality. About it just undeservedly forgotten, leaving him there alone.

it's time to fill the pantry with ease, freedom and light. And bring order, removing the "trash" pull down beliefs, attitudes and principles. Because they're not just there and feed on vital energy, which can be spent on maintaining something more useful. Perhaps, then, place in the bowl will be released, and will be a little more comfortable and enjoyable to live. And it will be possible napinit light, joy, interest and taste of life.

And then, finally, back long-forgotten lightness of being.

Vostrukhov Dmitry Dmitrievich,

psychologist, NLPt-psychotherapist, consultant in the welfare

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