All we ever got in a situation where, relative to the us showed aggression, but we were not able to adequately respond and felt resentment, anger and helplessness.

In every such situation there was a part of our soul, part of our dignity.

And now we don't feel coherent, meaningful, and I do not feel worthy. Worthy to be loved, to be accepted as they are. And so I want to be “good”, adjust to the other person.

Aggression is not always actively manifested. Words with dual meaning which can be interpreted either way directed to you.

Criticisms, discontent in your direction. Even just a look that torments the soul. It's also the aggression.

All that were oppressed slowly and surely, or, conversely, remained in memory as a vivid memory.

Now we adults. And you can regain your dignity.

This technique, when concentrated with respect to its implementation, has a strong healing effect.

Sure throughout the process to breathe and keep my eyes open.

Just breathe in through nose, out through your mouth. Breathe with your belly. If emotions are very intense, you can breathe a dog, the upper breath. Then again deeply and slowly.

You will need 5 sheets of paper, half an hour of free time and a quiet atmosphere, where no one will bother you.

1. Remember a situation from childhood when you showed aggression. Who was involved in this situation, where it happened, what you felt?

2. Take a piece of paper. Stand in front of you there was a free space. In your imagination, imagine before you a man who has shown you aggression. Put the leaf at a distance from itself, where you imagine that is this man.

3. Express the feelings that were experienced then. Say: “I hurt, hurt, I feel powerless, I'm angry from what nothing can do! I'm so mad at you!”

Say out loud or to yourself whatever comes, we will Express all the feelings that rise. Express them through the body. Feel the wrath and anger become your strength. You can beat the pillow, scream, act as your body wants.

If you in the childhood were forbidden to Express anger, and you feel it and I can't tell you imagine that next to you is a person that can withstand the child's anger, the one who tells you, “Can”.

4. When you expressed your feelings, say, addressing his imagination to the figure, which are: “I'm giving you all the blame and all the responsibility for what you have done”.

you must do This because often the one who was the victim of the aggressor feels guilty about what happened.
Pronouncing these words, put the paper where your imagination is the figure of a man.

5. Take a piece of paper. Imagine that it's the aggression, which was done to you.

Say, “I'm giving you all that aggression, which you did(a) this action”.

Put this piece too near the sheet, which is the aggressor.

6. Take another piece of paper. Imagine that in your family there is a man who could cope with the aggressor, could provide decent resistance, to use physical force if necessary. Even if you never knew such a person.

Feel its power. He'll protect you in any way. Yes, even with a crowbar or hatchet.

Put a piece of paper behind his back and imagine this man standing there.

Turning to the figure of the aggressor with the words: «I'm under the protection of my family, you have no more power over me and no power to hurt me, now is the one who protects me”, take a step back, stand on a piece of paper. Wait so as long as you need, feel protected.

7. Take a piece of paper. Look at the piece and say aloud or silently: “This is the dignity that was taken from me the aggressor». Or, at the same time referring to the figure of a man: “This is the dignity that you took from me”.

Put this piece near the place where the figure of the aggressor and then stand in its place on the piece of paper where you are under the protection of his family.

Look at the figure of the aggressor and say, ‘I am taking back all the dignity that you took from me”. Go again to the figure of the aggressor and take away a piece of his dignity. Go back to your place on a sheet of paper under the protection of a kind.

Press the piece to your heart, imagine that your dignity comes back to you.

Feel how your heart becomes filled. So stay as long as need be.

8. A piece of dignity you can save.

Other sheets can be discarded. Thus, when you take each piece off the floor and say, ‘You are no longer the figure of the aggressor, you're just a piece of paper”, “You no longer blame or responsibility, you're just a piece of paper”, “You are no longer a figure of my kind who could stand up to the aggressor, you're just a piece of paper”.

To begin with, choose a situation that was bearable for you and was not too heavy.

So you can work with the current situations and the situations that occurred in their adult life.

In a situation that occurred in early childhood or have been very traumatic for you, it is better to go accompanied by a psychologist to avoid re-traumatization.

Good for you and good luck in the return of self-esteem!

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