“constantly” don't know. I'm an ordinary man. And at me it also is not always. But I'm trying. I clearly feel that the lack of harmony for me is when everything goes wrong.

I Become unhappy, unhappy with my loved ones, starting some health problems. Feel it's own power, being naresources and only “draw” some negative points.

that is why for me it is extremely important. To be in full, conscious state of harmony. And, in principle, very simple. It is necessary that each of the spheres of life were normal.

a Good, sturdy relationship with a loved one, work in a fun, timely and tempting, interesting communication, self-development, love, friendships, family care and support.

And everyone needs to have time alone. So you find these opportunities for yourself every day. 10-15 minutes spent in peace and quiet, without haste and bustle, can bring your life to a new level, make it more conscious and harmonious.

of Course, it happens that you do not notice how and when “fly” from this state of harmony. After all, like yesterday everything was fine. And suddenly time and everything went to warp and have to rebuild the entire system.

But perhaps this is the meaning of life? Constantly balance and finding this balance? After all, when you're not in a state of harmony, you want change, make some effort and at the end of the grow and achieve this coveted status “Zen”.

And remember, the greatest thing you can do in order to break their harmony is to do what you in joy and not to do what a joy.

It is a great folly - every morning waking up with someone you don't want to Wake up with someone not in a rush, as they say, heart is not in. Because need to Wake up the person next to you will feel the desire to hug and thank that I met that person. And he will feel towards you the same thing. That is the real harmony.

It is a great folly to go where you don't want to go, to do things that don't want to have to live a life that does not want to live. Because it will definitely bring you cherished harmony and peace.

So stop and give up everything that makes you say “no” lives and think: “it keeps me normal and to live a full life”. And even though the whole world is against your happiness, just know you came into this world for love and joy. So let this be your day - harmonious.

Just work on yourself, and as wise people say, do not get ill in the head and heavy in your hand and all will be well with you. Believe me, better make sure on own experience. Good Luck To You!

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 sincerely, your psychologist Victoria Kirsta supervised over

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