How to respond to criticism in a relationship?

to respond to criticism in relationships?

it Seems that this is quite a difficult topic and covered with a heap of things, not related by the relationship.
I want to touch on such subtleties, and to try to formulate them so that the truth to someone has become a little clearer what to do.

it is Important to realize that criticism of another person - it's about relationship, and relationship is always a process that captures both of you and attempt to shift the responsibility on one partner leads to the fact that the relationship fails or someone feels in this relationship bad.

my First attempt occurs to understand how important in General to me a relationship is to try something to find out to adjust. If I'm ready to invest in them their energy, time? br>
If I answer this question in the affirmative, I understand that the criticism addressed to this man is some kind of need. What he wants from me. And want it can be much deeper than what he actually announces. And I try to figure it out. I ask questions and try to understand what you want from me. And understand how I can give to another person.

Sometimes it is really enough and the problem is solved much easier than I could imagine.

At this point, it's simple:
- to Determine the need
to satisfy the demand.

what to do if one of these stages is the failure?
That is, the need identified and to close it fails.
Or such as the need closed, and the criticism continues?

Let's start with the second option, it seems that it is much simpler and easier. If a need is closed, and the criticism continues, this means that the demand is NOT closed. Either it is incorrectly defined, or closed the wrong way. It seems that it is very important. For example, You voiced Your partner that wants to see You in the evenings, and it's his need. After that, You start to come home early, drive into the laptop, and he is unhappy again! How is it that I'm home, he wanted it!
And in fact, most likely he had a need for attention and a partner genuinely thought that he got it that way.

to Dig further about the need.

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