There are 8 developed by me rules, observing that, it is easy:

- quit the diets,
- back to a comfortable weight,
- restore healthy eating behavior
- to feel healthy and vigorous.

In the period of disharmony in the diet the active position begins to occupy our brain: we are starting to think a lot about food, read about it, think about pre your diet in advance to buy food and stuff. This must be avoided, otherwise will return to a healthy feeding behavior will be impossible! Our brain is designed to solve the challenges of a different kind, and in food it can not help us. Nutrition assistant our body, you must be very careful to listen to him. This will help us 8 basic rules!

1. Occupy your brain what it is intended! Goals about weight loss my other goals! For example: the end of the month to learn 1000 English words/read a book/learn a new makeup/to master the technique of fast reading to get a promotion at work. Whatever it is, there are lots of options interesting and useful programs! If only your brain was minding my own business, and not your body! Ideally, of course, it is a must have adored you, classes, your favorite hobby.

2. to SHIFT the vector from weight loss to health! A lot of rashes on my face? - To urgently look for products for healthy skin. Low hemoglobin? - To enter into the diet foods that boost it. Lethargy and little energy? - Learn which foods help with it. Important! - Do not try to build them only from your diet, and just include them as a little addition to the food. For example, before lunch drink a glass of carrot juice or to make the menu so that there were present serving the delicious carrot salad! Not simply dry the carrots, and a salad, and even so, that tomorrow he wanted! I.e. don't forget that it must be good.

3. When there is a feeling that the weight begins to increase, an urgent need to start to EAT MORE AND better FED than it was before! Yes, that's more meals more OFTEN! Especially effective is the rule if the effect is observed when the night was drinking kefir and in the morning there is a feeling that added a few pounds. Important! This recommendation is relevant when a long time there were restrictions on food, all sorts of diets, if in the evening, and so eaten the cake, the two are not necessary! 😄

4. in order to BUILD the PERFECT POWER SYSTEM for yourself, you first need to build a system at all. What does it mean? What meals should occur at the same time (without fanaticism, plus or minus an hour say). You want to eat, or not, but the meal must take place at a scheduled time that you can choose for themselves. This is necessary in order for the body no longer feel the stress constraints and "understood" that the food will be served regularly, and then you can relax and no longer be reserved. Eventually, when the scheme will be worked out, it can be adjusted to any schedule. I suggest starting with Breakfast about 7-9 hours, lunch 12-14 hours, and 18-20 hours dinner.

5. VARIETY in food. If today's lunch was rice with chicken for lunch tomorrow it is not fit! Suitable for day after tomorrow, at least. 😜 Also, food should not be repeated during the day. That is, if over Breakfast, a major treat was peanut butter, it is not suitable for lunch and dinner. Suitable only for the following Breakfast. ☕ At least one of these two rules must be followed must! 😉

6. a Very simple CONDITION: in between meals, it is necessary to achieve the goals that were planned in step 1. More precisely, even not! Will have the energy to implement these goals and complete tasks. If it does not appear, and thoughts about food continue to attack, something went wrong. You need to understand what exactly to adjust the diet.

7. In every meal, you must find a combination of USEFUL + DELICIOUS. For example, useful rice, healthy vegetables + delicious, deep-fried chicken wings. If Breakfast, then porridge + cookies "Nutella" or chocolate, or anything that you really love. To consider the finish: it should be the food that brings the energy, not sleepy.

8. the meals should be held as if you were eating in an expensive restaurant. Service, atmosphere, cleanliness, comfort - all at the highest level! In addition, it is necessary to eat slowly and without distraction gadgets.

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