let's start with the fact that the birth of a child is a difficult time in the life of the spouses, and an important step. It definitely affects the relationship. It so happens that the spouses unite and overcome difficulties, or, conversely, do not stand up and the marriage can break up.

it Happens when there are difficulties to sex, and it also happens for different reasons: someone to someone lost interest, or simply doesn't want sex. Often this is due to some breaks in sex. During this period, the husband can get used to Masturbation and the wife, in view of the emerging concerns and the lack of sleep, also not to strive for a joint sex.

Now to me, as a sexologist, psychotherapist and marriage counselor asked a young mother from Moscow, who recently had a baby (he is about a year). The problem were as follows: the wife lost libido, and the husband is also not really up for some sex. Both came to the conclusion that I should work on this topic with a psychologist-sexologist, and to start a consultation wife came.

She told that she had a cesarean section, hence the long time it hurt to have sex. Now, the idea is that the pain is gone, but the desire has not returned. We have been working on negative memories, and moments when the pain was linked to sex. In my practice, psychologist, psychotherapist and family psychologist, there are cases when a client creates a close link between one another. We have removed all retaining memories, eliminate pain, and separated sex.

Next, came the memories of the fights, and that the couple even went home almost a month later, however, reunited, but again, the negative trace left. In this case, I helped my client from Moscow to eliminate those memories through the "erasing" of all that it was derived from the quarrels and sidings, and gradually through resourceaware, we rectified the situation.

Then the thought came that she had gained. Now the woman recently finished breastfeeding, but it does not vouchsafed to exercise. I increased the motivation of the seas client that to happen quickly.

After the study we come to the fact that as a result of the tense situation, the husband tries as little as possible to be home. He visits the hall, and engaged in weightlifting, sometimes smoke hookah with friends. A girl feels in these moments lonely and begins to provoke scandals. Now we come to the fact that the husband does not change, in General, it is configured to preserve the family, and theoretically willing to spend more time at home with his wife and child if the wife is not will to "get it" their claims.

the Wife can understand, she gets tired. Perhaps, then, you should think about hourly nanny, then she will have more free time for myself. Now we have eliminated it as an aggressive and inadequate reaction as she said, "she sometimes slips and spoils our relationship." I, as a psychotherapist, sexologist and marriage counselor, removed its harshness, the desire to always and everywhere be right, said listening to the partner and given its opinion.

Now we came close to sexual topics, and then we were required to enhance the credibility of her husband, removed the jealousy of his past relationship, and configure a wife that now they are together and always will be.

Next, you should work to restore the passion and lost love. Then I, as a sexologist, psychotherapist and family psychologist, explained to my client from Moscow, which as before will be gone. Now love has become different, no longer a riot of hormones and frenzied sexual desire, which had been before. But it is necessary to work on relationships, to diversify and to harmonize the sex, adding a moderation in myself and sexuality. Husband is ready for sex experiments. Now, after the development of blocks and obstacles, my wife said that she doesn't mind to try something new. Probably there are sex toys and a visit to a sex shop.

currently she announced that probably for the next session in sex therapy they will come together.

P. S. This article is fictional and real characters is irrelevant. #sexologically #anorgasmia #vaginismus #seksologov #frigidity

Afanasyev Lily
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