we've All met people who are categorically saying — "Happiness not in money"!

  • By a strange coincidence, the money from those lucky ones usually sufficient.
  • But the cheerful voice of lucky subside as soon as they are deprived of the usual income and have to borrow money (or "kicked out" of retirement).

of Course, happiness is not in money. Happiness is not to think about them when there are domestic problems, and not try frantically to find them in case of a sharp aggravation of the problem.

Money will not make you happy, but can help to avoid many misfortunes and solve many of life's problems.

However, it is wrong to say that problems require monetary investments.

  • Weddings, birth of children, interesting vacation with the whole family — all these happy events of the road not only in terms of memories. In each of them have to spend considerably.
  • but often many do not have the money, and they start taking loans. And loans is always in the negative, and should be live in the plus!
How is it possible radically to "flip" your financial situation, to forget about problems with money? How to stop being afraid of a sharp drop in living standards after retirement? What you need to do in order to retire at 45 years and in what does not deny?

Main "money" lesson that should be learned as early as possible, is that we should not strive for income growth!

  1. Instead make a priority of investment and acquisition of assets.
  2. this will allow you to form your essential financial capital (the income from which will fully cover you and your family).
  3. For the capital formation required to defer a portion of their income every month and invest it.

Give a few recommendations that will help to accelerate your retirement (in the status of a financially wealthy person):

1) Learn to see new possibilities (try myself in new spheres of activity based on their strengths).

2) Negotiate (it's very important that it acquires good acquaintances and useful connections that will help you realize your financial ambitions).

3) Count money (in the beginning of the month to plan the upcoming expenses. This will allow you to soar in the clouds, and to stand firmly on the ground).

4) Garner investments, not things (things deteriorate and depreciate, investment grow and provide you with regular income).

5) Be professional (they are always in demand in the market and well paid).


  1. Following the above recommendations will allow you to consider retirement not as the loss of their traditional way of life and as a challenge for the early formation of the financial capital.
  2. Becoming a wealthy person, You will be able to stop working for money and afford to work just for the sake of pleasure.


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Stuart McPhee
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