according to this situation, it is evident that this young woman was just confused, because waiting for the love of the same "symptoms", and from the passion and love. But do not forget that if you respect and appreciate your loved one, if you really care about and, most importantly, if you don't want to lose him, this is a list of signs of true love.

Remember, to live on only one passion can only be the case if you constantly change their partner and "fall in love" each time. But in the end it will not bring you happiness nor family comfort. After all, you wouldn't trade your beloved and so familiar to you in the short novels, and so, most likely, will end with a breakup and feeling your full of desolation.

But you must also understand that whatever good a man you yourself once chose and as much as didn't love him. strap passion still may slightly fade and recovery will require your effort and desire.

Therefore, if you notice that your relationship is reduced passion, first of all think about what you can do to make your partner feel your love, care and passion for him - give him what you need for yourself and you will see how he will begin to give you even more of your attention and passion.

Arrange a more romantic dates and evenings alone somewhere unusual and new places. Do each other a massage, remember that you opened before or that you wanted to try for a long time and together embody all your desires.

This will not only help to restore your passion, but even more you will make. And then you once and will disappear forever any thought that you can exchange your native and close person for someone else, because true love does not spread and she certainly will not change.

Appreciate and take care of each other)

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