One of the most common problems are difficulties in relations with the opposite sex. Despite the result, the presence of dissatisfaction, or the inability to create a strong and happy relationship, the problem may be different. And they can be solved using a variety of means.

Special attention recurring problem, based on a common scenario. Of such a relationship one of my clients wrote: "I Have problems with the opposite sex. Repeating the same thing: love, trust, fly, believe; and then the betrayal from the male side... and I can't forgive, hate, destroy everything, rip. I worked a lot on it, but from betrayal and jealousy I have such pain!!!".

a Conflictual relationship with men is characterized by birthday horoscopeappropriate tense aspects (squaring Mars and Venus; the quadrature of the Sun and moon) and indicate the type of intense relationships with men, which is inherent in humans. at the time of his birth. can be described as confrontation, competition, conflict and frustration. Such relationships cause resentment and frustration often end in Heartbreak. br>Analysis of the Natal cardiology to identify problems, indicates their source, suggests solutions. Thus, in the aspect of squaring the moon and the Sun intense model of the relationship the person has inherited from their parents, who probably fought a lot and may have divorced. Becoming for adults, the man repeats this behavior in their relationship. In this aspect of the problem in relationships with men originate from the father, his relationship to daughter. In the course of tense relations with the father of the woman formed a distrust of men, the fear to repeat the fate of his mother. A woman with a child was not seen as cost harmonious relationship. The negative charge of the conduct is relevant to her attract men who often looked like her father. And she reacts and manifests itself according to the learned models of behavior.

For solving such problems often requires psychological study in consultation with a psychologist, which apply special techniques for understanding how a program starts getting rid of it and create a new harmonious. Man hard to understand that he does not like runs his program. To solve the problem you need to forgive your father, rebuild from model parents, to forgive the men who caused the hurt and disappointment, to understand the reason for such experience, to free ourselves from the fears and disbelief, and to create a new harmonious program response.

Grievances - causes of many diseases

Resentment toward men in connection with cheating and betrayal are accumulated. Accumulated negativity weakens the immune system and blocks the energy circulation. Therefore, the resentment of men are the causes of diseases that manifest in the field of gynecology. Grievances often underlie cancer. To get rid of them is important not only to create happy family relations, but also to improve their health. Reaction for men it is certain expectations and "response," who, being in your field, attract certain partners and situations. Bad experience is the background that interferes with new experiences, infests the vision.

to create a qualitatively new type of relationship with men, you need to clear the "accumulated garbage": to learn, to draw the right conclusions, get rid of resentment and condemnation, removing conflicting programs, develop new harmonious type of response.
the Origins of negative programs – childhood, past as well as the previous incarnation... depending on the TOD, where does the problem and its prescription for its design will require a variety of tools. the
Negative experiences with men could be formed in childhood in the parental home or in a relationship with the first man. In this case study the problem in the relationship is quicker and takes an average of 3-5 consultations with a psychologist. the Origins of the problems in the relationship can go in past lives, as evidenced by the presence in the horoscope of birth of some kind of retrograde planets: mercury, Venus or Mars.

a retrograde Jupiter the person is suffering self-esteem and cause many problems is self-doubt. Retrograde planets indicate that the origins of the problems go back to past lives where the person made a mistake. And now he needs to find the right decision and to reconsider their values, to build confidence on yourself.

the complexity of the situation with retrograde planets is that the person starts learned model of behavior that they are not recognized. When problems are repeated more than 2 times – this suggests that their origins go of the past and problems are karmic. Even the repetition of problems in this life, formed a certain pattern of response and a certain Outlook on life. For example, all men change that men it is impossible to believe that love brings suffering and pain. The presence of such vision and attitude, attract the appropriate men. And the circle closes: the events of life again and again confirm the formed vision.

Why is it helpful to work with a psychologist?

to Get out of the stereotypical reaction of the reaction itself is difficult. For solution to help special psychological techniques that will help to neutralize the program and develop new harmonious style of response. You can read more in my articles "Disproportionate response or who controls our I", "Psychology resource for positive change".

Rate of movement, the speed of study set by the willingness of the person, his level of energy, the force of his desire, the degree of awareness. People who are motivated to change the situation, it is possible to study the foci of pain in the past month. When solving the problem lasts for years, growing new grievances and disappointments. And created the false perception that there is no happiness or it is not possible.

what are the advantages of methods holographic therapy and therapy control points

In my consultations I use the methods of various psychological directions in choosing the most suitable for that person. Gives good results holographic therapy method of solving specific life problems, in which there is neutralization of the negative and behavioral programs, and develop new harmonious ways of responding.

Holographic therapy combines psychology and power tools. Is working with negative emotions and feelings experienced by people. The objective: to reach a situation-the root cause of the problem and to produce clean and replace the generated program. For example, sessions can be neutralized with the program "men cheat" and develop a harmonious attitudes towards men and family life, harmonious ways of being. This will help to attract other men, or to appear and to find happiness in family life.

depending on the complexity of the problem, how it is deeply rooted in the past, requires 2 to 5 sessions, which have successfully conducted via Skype. Session duration holographic therapy 1.5 hours.
For comparison, study 1 topics in psychoanalysis can take 3-6 months. The solution to karmic problems and will not be achieved. Since the origins of the problem go to the other life. Most psychological techniques work only with programs that have arisen in this life. As a result of their use of a person to understand what was happening to him and why he reacts, but will continue to react in a certain way.

Holographic therapy method that gives good results in the solution of various problems: everyday and difficult karma. During the session, the person solves his problem and understands the meaning of that lesson, for the development of which it originated. Psychological study contributes to the overall harmonization, human self-development. Achieved a global effect is solution to the problem - and many intermediate results for each session. The person masters the method of working, which can then be used independently with any life problems.

Another method that I use in psychological practice – RPT – therapy starting points in which to solve the work carried out at the level of the test emotions with access to the level of instincts. during the consultation, considering secondary benefits of the problem is being worked out generic programs. The solution does not require immersion in the situation. Session duration using method RPT 45 minutes, consultation takes place via Skype.

Thus, the performance of the solution of the problem depends on the strength of a person's desire, the accuracy of determining the cause of the problem (and this will help to understand the analysis of a Natal chart), and the effectiveness of the method selected to address it.

Elena Kravchenko

the counseling psychologist, astrologer and expert on happiness, [email protected]

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