How to solve the housing problem. Unconventional look at the square meters


Early availability of apartments spoke about the status of its owner.

  • be in ownership of housing, especially at a young age is an indicator of success in life and financial solvency.
  • But that was before: everything flows, everything changes.

Now the housing issue must be addressed quite differently!

Today, to think that the availability is a measure of success in society is nothing more than a stereotype (and extremely harmful stereotype, indicating complete financial illiteracy of the wearer).

Yes, for the older generation this was true:

  1. They desperately wanted to escape from the barracks or from the communal 10-15 people.
  2. Before housing guaranteed person — no matter what happens, he will always be able to get out of the most difficult circumstances, because he has a roof over her head.
  3. Fired, the economy would collapse, a crisis — all it's not terrible, yet has their own space (own apartment).

Model behavior "to survive at any cost" was dominated by a very long time that left an indelible mark on our people.

  • Now this pattern of behavior is not relevant, and even harmful!
  • you Can live and rejoice now the need to survive no longer threatened.

But many people habitually (or under pressure from the older generation) still buy the ill-fated malometrazhki on the edge of the city.

Sleeping areas are growing, turning into a concrete anthill. People, instead of living in a beautiful and comfortable area, located in the likes of ghetto and spend every day several hours on the road (to work and back). For the right to be the owner of the house is too expensive to pay, is not it?

whether it is for modern people to fight for a place under the sun where everyone has the freedom to choose?

  • no More need to fight each other for survival — the world is different, much kinder and safer.
  • Life is filled with opportunities, which does not notice just lazy or financially illiterate people (which is often synonymous);

I always advise people on financial issues and the mortgage too.

Those who are planning to buy or extend an apartment, horrified by the amount of payments each month. After all, a mortgage involves not just huge payoffs, but also the extortionate interest, and decades of voluntary financial penal servitude.

What is the decision regarding the place of residence today is the best?

  1. No need to buy!
  2. Need to rent allowing you to live where you more convenient and comfortable. Can rent a place to live near work, near the Park, prestigious neighborhood.

I Anticipate your objections (I voiced them many times, but then agreed with my position):

1) Where to get the rent money?

where do You get them to purchase apartments from their monthly earnings (including investment income).

  • I Usually suggest to customers to calculate in the Excel spreadsheet, the volume of investments that will be required to purchase and maintain their own apartments.
  • And then compare with the cost of rent.

2) How many times do I colorfully described the advantages of the apartment: residence permit, entry into the kindergarten school yard.

  • If You have the money, these issues are easily resolved.
  • If there is no money, then it may be time to think about improving their financial literacy, which would entail an automatic increase in your income?
by the Way, to help the doubters. I'm not a bum. In 22 years I got my own car, a 25 — own apartment. I am a very wealthy person to become whom I wish all my readers and customers.


  1. Work not for the sake of buying your own living space. Work for the creation of their family capital — that the income from it will allow You to choose where and how to live, what to do, a life to claim.
  2. Lack of skills in proper handling of money (conservation and enhancement) — that is the true cause of chronic problems with money and their own square meters.


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Stuart McPhee
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