How to solve the problem with motivation once and for all.


I think the state of motivation is very much overrated, as if this is the only factor of success. It's not fucking true! And I was a little furious that one trying to pass off another. br>
In practice, the state of emotional recovery, which is done for the motivation of the first breaks down barriers and setbacks.

Success, ultimately seeking someone who suffers a fall, analyze the situation, changes the approach and generally develops in the region of their capabilities, resources and talents if you want.

Let's talk about my quest on the topic of how to develop my idea. br>
Model initially seemed to me a painfully simple and logical. It was cool, but there's always a "but" and they were. In practice, there was something else, something that is not taken into account in the model. br>
I believed that motivation it's just there, but disappears if there is strict internal restrictions. For such a person, any activity causes discomfort, negative feelings (Yes, Yes, I recall that negative feelings are a consequence of constraints). br>
a man is in a state of avoidance or stress, he's either hiding from the discomfort, or tolerate it. Effort spent on it. Motivation will appear if work restrictions. Logical? Appears freedom and people will act. br>
Supposedly, worked for social anxiety, and immediately went on a promotion at work. br>
However, not all change something, many continue to be in the ass and apathy. Some a little off...

it turned Out that the absence of restrictions, not always leads to a goal! br>
A man needs at least a silhouette in the distance, the image of realistic goals. This will focus people and organizes its activities in the direction of the target. Voila motivate people, he has a desire to act. br>
Cool, agree? But difficulties have emerged with the goals of some people. They "put" them, and do not reach, or just can't decide what they want. br>
So I was faced with another level of immaturity and lack of value-semantic structure of personality. Meanings is a necessary category of experience. If it makes no sense to reach the goal, there would be no motivation, no energy. br>
I once in my life, decided to help people and have for many years tried to start counseling. But I couldn't do it and I patiently walked to the goal. I worked as a night guard, remove the snow on buildings and plastered walls, but internally I was focused on more. br>
had problems and difficulties now there, but I overcame many obstacles. Reason to overcome was invisible from the outside and sometimes not understandable to me. But it all made sense, which was stronger than the difficulties. br>
Now I don't care about the motivation, I do in any condition, my work is filled with meanings that I have lived and now implement the actions. br>
My setup allows you to break obstacles, no matter what, and even if I experience tension, fear or anxiety. br>
don't want to sound braggy, but damn, I just want to say that you can as well, and some much bigger and better! br>
There are senses are not working (but not sure), but those are surmountable. The challenges of fate, which worked not in soul-searching, but in an active action, provided that you "build the temple". I think the reference is clear. br>
Now see what happens. Motivation may be blocked for essentially different reasons, which are at different levels. br>
1. Limiting beliefs. br>
That there are holes in the Board to your personality. You spend all the resources on the bailing water and patching holes in the bottom of the ship. br>
2. The lack of personal power, energy. br>
When you are doing anything other than bailing water from drowning the ship and attempt to patch it up, then the crew gets tired, loses faith in himself, loses coordination of work and resources over comes the weakness, reluctance to do something that does not bring result. br>
In fact, it is the result of the influence of constraints. Measure the impact of rest, recuperation and follow-up study limitations. br>
3. The lack of goals. br>
the ship's Captain does not know where to go, he has no direction. Accordingly, the team has no tasks that would organize any activity, except routine maintenance of the ship. You can think of this routine – to get up in the morning, brush your teeth, go to toilet, to work, to eat and pozalovat in YouTube. br>
Just maintain viability, not more. br>
4. The senselessness. br>
This is a level that encompasses and values and meanings at the same time. Man can not succeed without a sense that he realizes the purpose of his life and sold himself. No sense of values, not actions. br>
there are No answers to the questions "For what?" and there is no corresponding experience. That is, the captain and the crew did not know where the treasure is, and don't know what is it. br>
the Problem of motivation can exist in any of these dimensions. And this problem usually smeared across levels in varying degrees, not one thing. br>
the Problem of motivation is the problem of the individual as a whole. br>
Note that sometimes deeply neurofisiologia people are fanatically motivate and not having resources and initial favourable starting conditions, it reaches heights. I'm not about happiness, but just about measurable achievements. br>
So his motivation is contained in the energy of neurosis. He tries to compensate or to prove. His actions are the result of the struggle. br>
But I stick to the approach of finding healthy motivation, which involves meaningful personal goals, and not compensating. It's about creating motivation personality that realizes their potential and experiencing happiness and satisfaction. With a simultaneous willingness to overcome obstacles and break down walls. br>
Working with the meaning will be the subject of a separate series of articles. br>
Motivation give rise to the open requirements. Man is motivated to close them. But if there is demand in the zone, people looking for other ways. It's like Masturbation in men who are afraid of women or as a consumerism for a woman who is experiencing the existential vacuum. br>
the Needs are of different levels. For example, check the models of Maslow, Alfredia, Henderson, McClelland. But in General, all of the classifications are similar and talking about complexity from simple physiological needs to social, personal and spiritual. br>
If there is no requirements is higher than eat and sleep, then motivation will be only to this.

in Simple words in order to close the question of motivation need to be complicated. Although that word I do not like, rather need to grow and to become a new mental plane. br>
It's like evolution, the evolution of the soul. In short you should understand. br>
If the ship has no goals, he's rotting in the Bay, if a ship with a hole it is sinking, if the ship sails for the treasure, after getting his team off the wagon, and disperses while there, that still drink and eat. And only if the ship looking for the Holy Grail, the team will sail at the end of the world. br>
Understanding for what and becomes the Grail that is looking for people. You can find the meaning of their actions and the deeper it is, the less it will worry about the question of motivation. br>
that's it guys! Excuse, that did not give a universal recipe and could make someone disappointed. But what you are looking for is not me, and you, and lies in the uniqueness of your life. br>
And the task is to find in this unique sense, which would you implement in life. br>
Still need to say a bit about the pop topic of motivation "FROM" and "To". Pop theme because it told not only a very lazy coach. In fact, motivation "FROM" and "To" are two sides of the same coin. br>
the only Question is in which direction the equilibrium is shifted in the direction of "FROM" or "To".

for Example, a staunch family man, committed To well-being of your family and at the same time escapes "FROM the" poverty and misery. br>
I put emphasis on the fact that talking about ubezhdena the family-oriented man, for whom family is one of the most important values in the meaning of his life. If not, it will not work.

Kinder Ilya
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