Week Marusya really made. And pulls, incessantly, Twitter (as in the famous joke): "And Vic, and Vic... And Marinka, Marinka..." the Painful recovery is not abated, and Mary called all in a row: the Nadya, Oxana, and even Vera. To call called, and does not become easier. Just on the contrary, I just feel so lonely and homeless. "I think nobody, my feelings about this stupid Vitka especially and do not need," nagged the Marussia.

of Course, there are situations when it is better to be tormented with conjectures, than to ask directly. But this is not the case, decided Mary. Held all the tactical rules, the survey showed: Nadya and Oxana honestly interested, but Vera, as well to be honest- no. Not in the least.

I Must admit, the results of the survey has finished!!! finally. Easily ignoring the opinions of the first two girlfriends, she left the last of a series of "Oh what nonsense are you talking about" without alternatives. At least in my head.

of Course, she did not consciously, and certainly not on purpose. Just the magic of consciousness. As you know, each of us - the cockroaches. But the mood was hopelessly flawed, and if you think about it, out of nowhere. With all three girlfriends too. And even about Vitka "osadochek left."

of Course, the cockroaches in my head to get rid of impossible, but here to make friends with them - is quite real.

If Mary is already friendly with them, to return vitality and customarily a marvelous mood it will be enough to have someone good and reasonable (psychologist, for example), just comment on what is happening. "You found the one person who did not support you, and hurt about it." In the end, discuss with Vera Vitka's quirks is not the only way to truly have fun with her friends. And Nadya and Oxana are still waiting for the "chilling" details.

If Marusya with cockroaches have mutual hostility and suspicion, I think that's a reason to begin to meet them.

Cockroaches in our head is not so much harmful, how absurd and illogical. If you look closely, they even have cute :)))

Anna Zaytseva
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