how does a CAREER begin?
With the choice of profession, but rather the things that you want to do. This topic is very extensive and comprehensive.
When most people start to think and determine the direction your future work? Closer to the end of school. There are exceptional Teens who since childhood have a strong desire to do something specific. But it is very rare. Normal average teenager puzzled this question is not in force readiness definition, and of necessity. Because after school, have something to do next!!! Social attitudes crush a concrete slab on the realization that if you don't pass the exam and not go to College, then a happy future is closed to you. For boys the choice of a profession and admission to the UNIVERSITY is even more acute for alternatives to go into the army.
Under the pressure of circumstances teenager frantically starts going through my head all the possible options.
the Set of thoughts I have about this:
- Friends of Mary and Peter go on economic. Yes, the economy and business like as a prestigious occupation.
- Mother-lawyer tells me that a good lawyer is always to earn a living.
- Dad read in the magazine article that now bioengineering is on the rise.
- And near the house we have a construction University. Cool, don't get up early for lectures. Five minutes and you were in school.
My girlfriend Dasha is going to school to be a psychologist. It would be cool with her all day to be together.
- But I do love karate. But the ancestors do not understand, if I go physical.

muddled, the child turns for advice to close people. Usually in roles of authority are the parents. And here comes the fateful moment. Some parents run away from responsibility and say, "Oh, well, that's your choice, your life. You already adult. Make a decision himself, then we were not to blame." But, fortunately in the minority.
the Vast majority of parents in ensuring their child's financial future offer him a list of the most promising at the moment professions. Thus many of them they know only in theory: from media. In the end, directly or indirectly, the choice of a profession produce it is the parents and the child agrees, wanting to meet the expectations of the parents. Teenagers, like children, is so important to be liked and accepted, praised and were proud of their achievements.
And have already successfully passed the matriculation (although here too there is a lot of nuances in the form of a passing score of the exam, and applicants often agree to enrollment in the UNIVERSITY, who first confirmed the readiness to accept them). Begins study. The first couple of months are in the euphoria of self-awareness adults: new lifestyle, new faces. And then... Oh, the horror!!! The teenager realizes that he is quite uninteresting chosen occupation. He does not understand the objects asleep of boredom in lectures.
Psychologists conducted a survey of students at the end of the first year of study at several UNIVERSITIES. 67 % said that will never work in the profession you learn. What to do? A small percentage of students decide to leave school or change proforientacii. But most stay, reasoning: "I feel sorry for the spent years. Okay already, he's done another 4 years, but we'll see." That is 1 year sorry, but 4 is not a pity. A paradox, but a fact.

So what to do? How to help your child to choose a profession that will interest him and help him be realized?

1. Do not be guided by own experience and my own installation. What's interesting to You and what is popular now may not be suitable for Your child and in 10 years will not be required in principle. Look around: thousands of economists and lawyers can't find work in the profession. Why? Because since the restructuring and until recently, the profession was considered prestigious. Parents all crook has put their children at economic and law faculties.
2. Define the range of interests and talents of Your child. What school subjects he likes and easy: humanitarian or accurate. In any school clubs have had more success? So You can narrow down the options.
3. With the child examine review articles in different promising areas. It is obvious that the next 20 years will be popular engineering profession: programmers, robotics, nanotechnology, Microbiology. The man again actively examining himself. So popular areas of psychology, new areas of medicine. The defense industry and intelligence will be in trend for a long time. So you can forget about the scope of the public sector.
4. If the child is interested in any profession, find a course or section at the relevant College or faculty. Go for a trial lesson or open day.
5. Discuss with your child the choice of a profession. It does not shift the responsibility for choosing him, but and do not exert authority. Descend from the height of its age of 14-15 years and become a teenager. Only then will You be able to be an adequate counselor and understand his feelings.
6. Let them know that whatever choice the child is You adopted and it will not affect Your love for him.
7. If You strongly disagree with the choice of the child, discuss it, and don't reject the idea. You may not see opportunities that sees Your child.
8. Raschertite sheet into 2 parts and write the pros and cons of the discussed profession. Every parent and child make your list. Then collect all the lists together and compare. Discuss controversial points.
9. Determine the ultimate goal of the profession. Ie, who sees himself as a child in 20 years. For example, "I am the head of the Google office in Berlin with income ... rubles a month." Or, "I am the owner of computer games in Moscow, with an income of ..." the more specific the goal, the better. Draw a straight time and set point, how soon this goal will be achieved. Next, consider with your child what needs to be done to achieve this goal. 10. Item 9 if You are unable to perform themselves or in their search have You stumped, contact a career coach or age psychologist. 11. A profitable and promising niche of each person identified in his Natal chart. Seek the advice of a competent astrologer. The Natal chart is like the lines on the hand or fingerprints. It is individual and unique and gives panky picture potential . Just be careful when choosing an astrologer. If the astrologer opens the program and begins to read to you the paragraph automatically generated from it, this person is a charlatan. A good astrologer interpreterpath Your map and does not make use of tooltips.

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