the Family of this little home, and the one and the other is the least, feeble, but indicates the General condition, the overall picture of what is happening.
There are bouquets of flowers. there are expensive gifts, trips, meetings with friends. But there is also a door through which you pass every day, and Your man ignores You, the sugar on the bottom of the sugar bowl and You in the care of a close person, will give him no rest, and do one not drink sweet tea or coffee. Examples can be many. I think. each for himself found or remembered something close and relevant. It is the nuances that actually does not little things, to create a common emotional background, the General state and mood in the relationship.
Even if You are one evening or afternoon a week, spend a fun and emotionally rich, Your social media pages bursting with beautiful and vivid photos, it doesn't make You happy. The illusion of happiness, maybe Yes, blowing dust in the eyes of others, Yes, but when will come the next day, and You will be faced with the fact that Your significant other once again ignored Your opinion or there is no help where should help, and I had the chance. But no. The soul again, a nasty feeling of unfulfilled expectations, injustice, frustration.
what next?
waiting for the next holiday,in the hope that maybe tomorrow you suddenly change, but unfortunately, not happening here. With a similar situation I face on a daily basis, when people ask advice, but time is not prescribed, in the hope that if tomorrow will be different and my intervention is not required.
But the miracle does not occur.
Relationships is not a miracle, the miracle of the birth of a child, or a random meeting, and when you started the relationship, then everything that happens between You, this is the result of Your joint activities, and that these relations will be tomorrow, also depends on both of You ,but as not a miracle. Only You, maybe even me, if You still had the courage and was able to admit to myself that the very situations have already quit.
But back to nuances. A closed tube of toothpaste, turned off the lights, to stop after work to the store and buy everything on the list, don't forget to iron a shirt in the morning and not rush. These, and other situations determine the true relationship as a couple, no flowers, no candlelight dinner. Life in a relationship is a domestic assault, but with some emotional tinge it will be, depends on You, be it gray, like late autumn or juicy green as late spring.

Mikhailenko Sergey
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