how to start personal fulfillment?

As a rule, of finding the key ideas of the self.

Why is it so important?

In life we just want to try, a lot to do, to gain a variety of experience and thus we NEED to pay the bills, buy the groceries and cook, to equip the life, to go to work, clean and wash dishes, etc. And the time in days 24 hours, 7-8 hours sleep.

what? How to fulfill your potential?

Every person makes choices every second, each new meeting gives us the opportunity, every phone call, every little thing.

This selection: routine or adventure?

On one side of the scale are steady income, predictability, habits of life, habits of life.

On the other chaos drive, new opportunities, exciting adventures.

And if you look at where are the points of intersection of these two opposites, we will see that this is our CREATIVE. That part of ourselves which, and requests fulfillment in this world experience.

This part of us is able NEW VALUES.

We have grown used to not appreciate, we - the majority - go to work, where we pay money not for creativity and creation, and that we are better than others approached the structure and the employer, we autocinema to create and build something valuable enough that we would pay other people, no matter in what country we live in, at what power and at what times.

the self-Realization of personality is not an abstraction, but concrete measures for finding the key ideas himself, for the attainment and familiarity with his strengths.

If the gardener, for example, growing beautiful flowers is to sell them on the market, it no doubt is, whether he is worthy to do it. Is the product of his work, he has value and that people are ready to buy.
Alas, not all of us gardeners, although everyone has a creative part and she WANTS to create value. The only question is, do we know this? Friendly with her? We have invested the time in her development? To its internal contents and beauty to bring to the form?

each of us has a lot of talent, talanted and internal resources, but they are often not developed into concrete products of creativity that would have been claimed by other people. Because in the end, we are able to know ourselves and the world only through the eyes of other people, using such a property of this Universe as USEFULNESS and RELEVANCE. This is our self-realization - by-realization of our self.

And then we can't just do something, following the usual way of life, and begin a meaningful creation and creativity.

this is What fills us and our lives meaning and variety, transforms routine into adventure.

the shortest way to this is to create your own project, to realize their abilities and purpose in a specific product.

But in order for it to start to do, you need to understand what we still bring to this world? What makes us unique?

unfortunately, the trend in the world to be consumers of information to swallow ready-made solutions. Thinking skill is not in demand.

In this article I wanted to show You the theme of self-realization under the angle of its influence on the fullness and meaningfulness of our lives.

I Also share the player with audiozapisey my seminar on the same topic right in the article.

the Main stages of self-realization:

1) Establishing contact with our inner self

2) Inventory existing in our life, resources, signs and experience

3) the Skill of confidence in myself and this Universe.

4) goal setting

5) overcoming the fears and limitations.

Detailed dive into the topic of self-realization on my site

sincerely, Olga Guseva. Coach NLP, an expert in the field of self-realization, a psychologist.

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