In St. Petersburg finally came the summer. With increasing degrees on the thermometer, increasing the number of applications with the intention to lose weight. That's the way our brain that we are not important, we do not pay attention to it. Went all in street clothes and did not think that soon will have to show what is under it. And suddenly one day you need to remove the jacket. And everyone needs a recipe, preferably one session from Cinderella become the Princess. Unfortunately, all the places were taken in January. br>
Despite this sad beginning, I want to support everyone, it's never too late to start thinking about your health and let the beginning of summer, you do not have time, BUT there is a chance to make it to the middle and get the result.


1. To admit that there is a problem (overeating, addiction, abuse) is 60% success. Options, "my husband wants me to be thinner", "thinner, find a lover" don't work!!!! In this case, don't waste your time and money. You're not ready.

2. If you have decided, don't delay on Monday, after the holiday, after an illness. Decided - do it!!!
do Not increase the number of attempts, you form neural connections of the brain that form the next chain: the body is under stress from limiting the foods/ drinks/sweets/baking, some time you manage to keep to a diet, you get the result and return from normal life and the brain to any restriction sends a pulse to decrease, and to maintain or increase weight. Why diets don't work and moreover, it does not fix your result, and sometimes add extra pounds. The more attempts to "lose weight", the more difficult it is to obtain this result. br>
3. Do not lose weight, so you fell in love, got a good job change for yourself to improve your health. br>
4. If you have serious intention to work, and the formation of a new eating behavior is the work, find a specialist who will help you in this. Yourself can only add to his health problems, not counting hair loss, brittle nails, and dry and sagging skin. Any reduction of weight without harm, perhaps with a good diagnosis of the body. As no two people are alike, and no one method fit all. br>
I Wish you health!

Cooperstein Elena
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