Hello my Dear!

So, Once there comes the moment when a woman decides to devote myself to my man without the rest!

Start extremes:
- a Woman leaves work, Hobbies, friends, and just drink a glass of lemonade in a cafe , she can't walk.

- Hits a household, or furiously disappears in the cabins and halls

- Loses the ability to earn her the individual is becoming less.

- Thinks: "he loves me" or "I bore him a child", "I give him my years," "I am beautiful for him", "we are family"- like where he go. And in this, he Must!

of Course, all will be well with you, and you will not regret their extremes, only if:

- your relationship will remain unchanged for centuries. Although everyone and everything is constantly changing;
- you don't degrade;
- you will never catch up to the question of self-realization. Especially when the children grow up;
- in a pinch, you signed a marriage contract with the most severe conditions))

But if something goes wrong?! For example: You left, he left, became not interesting, children do not need you, the crisis, etc.?
These scenarios are played in a million tearful films, broadcasts and books!

... And here she was left puzzled, "how so?", "Why I gave up what is important to me?", "Why, I ceased to make itself", " What I can do?", "What to do?"

Yes, of course, to blame It! Who would doubt!
Just because the responsibility, the woman no one was taking! She decided to lose your income, your passions, your desires.

Yes, the situations are different, there are some exceptions. But

Trust, love, believe, and lean on your man!

Here only it is desirable:
- to Protect its borders;
-do Not merge no residue;
- do Not lose yourself forever in pans, nappies;
- to Live taking into account their wishes and loved ones;
- be looking for their interests;
to earn money;
- to not only Deal a or not only family;

Find the middle ground!

Your personal psychologist,
Victoria Lebedenko

Lebedenko (Mukhina) Victoria A.
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