My last article about manipulators and their tricks aroused great response from people.

of course! Absolutely unpleasant, nasty, passed to be with such people in communication. And feel then a long sediment in the shower. And if it's close friends, superiors, and can not speak.

so, today we'll look at how to build communication with the manipulators?

Initially is to understand what You are dealing with a manipulator.

How to do it?

In fact, everything is clearly laid out in the Apostle Paul. Tell in your own words.If you need to resolve the issue with others, come to him for the first time one on one , tell her how you feel and how you see the way to resolve the situation. If he doesn't understand, take a witness and say when you witness. If during this time you will not understand, leave him and never touch.
What does that mean?
If a dialog person, neither the first nor the second did not hear You, did not want to hear, then continue the interactivity makes no sense.

Also in the last article I wrote features, which You will learn that dealing with a manipulator:

  • Sputannosti (the feeling that You are in the web);
  • Splitting: on the one hand, you feel the injustice of what is happening on the other – are beginning to feel like a terrible person in the world;
  • Nebula situation. There is no clarity.
  • When did You realize that you are in manipulation – stop build dialog communication, to look for logic and try to explain. You will not succeed!

What communication styles work well with a mouse?

  1. Mirroring. This technique is also called: peremanivat of the manipulator. Many of the techniques that uses for such a companion, can apply and You.
All the techniques should not be used because they have such methods, which are "in any gate", for example, to stab the sick, to bury the living relatives and so on.
But You can use these techniques:
- the depreciation of the answer is not a justification and explanation of the situation and attack, and you can use humor (" I'm of the same opinion" "And You're sure that You have a good attitude? Who? Oh, well, You, I'm wearing gossip is not going to" "I thought that You can agree");
- to talk without any logic, totally confusing manipulator;
- to divert the conversation in another direction;
- enable "the fool".
Mirroring is used to stop the opponent in his unproductive communication.
  • you Can change the conversation: "What a stomach ache", "I'm Sorry, I've gotta call" "Bird flying," "And my kitty got sick."
  • there Are blanks with deliberate politeness or a sense of humor: "And You too", "Be healthy", "You are such a wonderful person, don't be nervous. Nerve cells do not regenerate", "Hello to You", "You are so beautiful in anger."
  • you Can just end the dialogue without further explanation: "do Not consider it necessary to continue", "I heard You. Go to comprehend", "I understand Your methods".
  • Ask directly: "What do You want from me?"
  • making the situation transparent. "You are bullying me right now that I will no longer have any desire to stand up for herself? ""Now you devalue my work because you don't want to pay me?""You say I'm old, to me easier to manage?"
  • You a show non-verbal way (scowl, roll your eyes, yawn...).
  • to Keep contact with a person only to formal procedures.
  • Clearly find in myself emotion: fear, guilt, and stop the idea that You these feelings are imposed.
    What is the method You apply depends on the specific situation, Your personal characteristics and characteristics of the manipulator.

success in communication!

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