Your heart is pounding wildly. The world around starts to spin. You feel that you might be about to die. Familiar? Millions of people are experiencing this nightmare every month. What's going on? At such moments, the brain goes into attack mode. He experiences danger, even if we do not consciously perceive it.


We begin to associate our psychological and biological responses (mental models or the behavior of the body, such as heart rate) that occurs at a specific time. So, someone may start to feel panic when practicing, because physical activity increases heart rate – as well as a panic attack.

Here are some tips to help you get through a panic attack and prevent it in the future.


the Average panic attack lasts about 10 minutes. Although it is difficult to believe that it will end. Especially when faced with a PA for the first time.

Many people helps to choose the right mantra for yourself: "it ends", "I am safe", "I'll be fine." If you attack with a friend, ask him to comfort you by saying things like.


Sounds too simple, isn't it? But it works better than you could imagine. Many people hyperventilate when you panic and this can cause a feeling of suffocation, dizziness and fear of impending death. Regulating your breathing you can control your symptoms. Make sure you breathe from the diaphragm/belly.

There are several different methods of breath which you can try. One of them is called "4-7-8". You need to first exhale completely. Then breathe in through the nose, to count to four. Then hold your breath for seven seconds. After this, exhale for eight seconds. Repeat as often as you need. This method is based on the ancient Indian practice of pranayama. If you do yoga, you may have heard about this term.


When you have a panic attack, all you want to do is to stop it. This often only worsens the situation. Instead of trying to stop her, stay. Many practice welcome anxiety and panic and gradually cease to be afraid of this condition. It takes practice, but many people have achieved success and reduced the number to a minimum.

a Panic attack is harmless. Some people even find it helpful to speak to your concern. They recognize that the panic exists for a reason and that your nervous system is in overload status.


the Last thing you want to do when you have a panic attack, is to move. However, moving your body can release the excess energy, distract you and help tell your body that it is out of danger. You really can do anything: walk, dance.


Finally, when it's over, practice your self. You should do this daily, weekly. Suit different options: yoga, delicious food, a warm bath, dancing – everything you love. You will help yourself if you will be attending therapy sessions and take the necessary medications.

practice these techniques Regularly, even if you have not had a panic attack. If it happens, it will be perceived minor, not so painful. Or even disappear from your life.


Stanislav Malanin
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