Betrayal is painful.

Betrayal can really knock the ground from under my feet and make you question your ability to choose friends, business partners, loved one, husband. How can they be so unreliable?

the Sense of betrayal is a mixture of emotions. Anger, resentment, disappointment and perhaps shame, when someone we trusted their secrets, tells it to other people in the form of gossip, to attract the attention and interest.

paradoxically, but when we find out that we were betrayed, we feel not only heartache, but also relieved. Better to know the truth although it hurts.

We put energy into our relationship, and we expect that will appreciate it. We hope that it's a fair exchange. And it is, until someone devalue that relationship and not break it for his own selfish reasons.

When you realized that vain was someone to trust that betrayed you, then you need to leave the state of shock and disappointment and to begin to understand the emotional pieces of his broken soul.

You need to find a way to fill the gap in the soul. Maybe seriously reconsider your life.

Betrayal can disturb your old, still unhealed wounds related to cheating in the past, and the pain will become even stronger. The past may not correspond to the current situation, but still reflect your forgotten once the pain and resentment that you will feel even worse.

However, betrayed you, and you face this unpleasant fact. And now you need to understand and see through the pain that the circumstances showed the true essence of this man, which you were not even aware. And you need to be grateful for what life has shown how he really was inappropriate and unreliable. You didn't know his true identity. And you should be grateful that he showed himself now. And so, you will no longer have to waste your time on him.

it is Difficult to immediately remove the emotional attachment to someone you trust, and maybe it will take time.

it is Important to remember that pain and suffering are not one and the same.

the area of the brain responsible for negative emotions, located very close to the region responsible for physical pain, so emotional pain can be felt as physical.

You can focus on those sensations in the body, to imagine their pain in a cloud and dispel it. And the pain will go away ... when you want to let her go.

Suffering is a state of mind ... It is your choice to delay the process of wound healing or begin the path to recovery.

to be healed from the pain of betrayal, focus on your future - new habits, structure, and wisdom. You will attract new people and new opportunities. You need to open for this process, instead of being stuck in the past.

you Have the choice of whom to let into your life and how strongly attached emotionally to these people. Betrayal makes you aware of this and make next time a correct choice.

© Psychologist Solovyova Larisa Alexandrovna

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