What a woman feels when he loses a coveted unborn child? Yesterday she was making plans for the future, pawing names, choosing baby stuff in stores and wondered what will become of her baby, when you grow up? And today there is nothing left. Is empty.

of Course, the woman is experiencing grief. The death of a child, even unborn, is always painful. A woman may be very angry from helplessness and inability to change anything, you can blame yourself or the doctors what happened. To mind comes the thought: "it is Possible that the miscarriage could have been prevented if..." And a vicious circle of self-blame is unwound again. The woman may lose the confidence as a woman: "And what if I can never become a mother"?

What to do, how to survive a miscarriage?

  1. If you lost the baby, the first time you don't need nothing but support and opportunities to talk. Well, if you can talk heart to heart with your mom, friend or husband. Or you can go to a psychologist for professional help.
  2. don't stop a loss, allow yourself to experience it. To symbolically say goodbye to the unborn baby: write a story about him, draw him, give bought things for him in the charitable organization. Rituals are very important – no wonder they exist in all peoples.

When you feel the strength, consult a gynecologist to get tested, find out the causes of miscarriage and prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

And you can go for psychotherapy, which in the short term will allow you to:

  1. to get rid of negative feelings associated with the loss of a child: shame, guilt, anger, feelings of inability to change anything, etc.;
  2. Accept what happened to you;
  3. Let go of negative thoughts that bother you;
  4. to Find the strength and the opportunity to live and enjoy life, make plans for the future without fear.
  5. Prepare for the future happy motherhood.

I Developed the author's program of psychotherapy based on the method of EMDR, art and physical therapy helps to carefully to overcome the crisis caused by the miscarriage. On average, it takes only 7-15 sessions.

My contacts: [email protected] +7 (903) 1-444-1-05.

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