How to survive the crisis in relations


Life is such that we all experienced at her age and family crises.

Why is it called a crisis? This transition to a new life or new age.

Stop for a family crisis, because it was the topic most people are interested in family or anyone who is in a relationship.

What happens between partners, when we say that there is a crisis? Why is it so painful to get past why he breaks up families?

there are several periods of crisis in relations between a man and a woman.

    the First crisis the family is experiencing in the first year of married life. The third part couples do not withstand this test and disintegrate.
    the Second crisis period is associated with the appearance of children. The couple start a family, not enough time for  professional growth and self-realization. Common misunderstandings associated with raising children.
    the Third crisis I have 10-15 years of marriage, at this stage grow cold feelings.
    the Fourth crisis period occurs after 18-24 years of marriage. At this stage, increases the anxiety of women about their decay and possible cheating husband.

so, there have been changes: weekdays, work, then had children, then the children grew up, then the children left home. The pair left together.

If the woman is the meaning of life was in children, and the husband built his career, if women are unable to create their own personal space, her life loses meaning. She will face a personal crisis period, drown in feelings, feels unnecessary, a crisis in the relationship. Either permanent discontent each other and scandals, or keeping silent, or doing their own thing and live as tenants.

So at each stage of the transition to a new life changes occur in the personal sphere, it affects the relationship between a man and a woman. And it is important to do so as not to lose mutual warmth, understanding, feelings reliable shoulder.

every family crisis is experienced in different ways. This is very individual. And advise here, what should I do  it means to help one to hurt another. After all, one and the same, at first glance, good advice may not be suitable for all.

Someone needs to do his favorite thing and realized, to find common interests. Someone already have this, but still no relations.

You can read a lot about how to strengthen families in times of crisis, there are a lot  of books about it. But knowing is not doing. And the relationship continues to deteriorate, the mood, the impasse doesn't end by itself, your man love and don't want to lose.

If you really want to restore order in the family, to be noticeable, desirable to your men but don't know how, make an appointment with the psychologist.

you and Olga rukosueva, a practicing psychologist, coach

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