"If you are not home, the fire he was not afraid of

And the wife will not go to another
if you If you
If you have no wife

If you have a dog, it didn't poison the neighbor
And other will not fight.
if you If you
If you have no other

the Orchestra is playing bass.
the Trumpeter blows copper
Think for yourself, decide for yourself
to have or not to Have"

Loss called different things that happen to us in life, from the loss of the keys, of death.

there is No right way to grieve. When a person dies, not everyone can find words of sympathy. But when we leave our familiar creature. At times, the surrounding, instead of support do, in your own words is even worse: "I can't believe you're crying. It was just a dog, cat, rabbit, etc."

How to explain to the authorities that you have Mount? What'll the boss and colleagues? In the best case, it is deemed too emotional. And at worst start to doubt your psychological health.

"the head of the Inspectorate, Andrei Andreyevich Quackin met Detochkina replica, full of sarcasm:

Well? As your Tbilisi uncle?

– Uncle bad! – sadly replied Detochkin.

– last time was my aunt?

– a Cousin. She died.

– we are All mortal, î sighed the chief. – If people hadn't died, we wouldn't insure them in case of death! You will not deny, Detochkin that I show you sensitivity. Every time get sick or die your relatives, I give you leave at your own expense.

"no," agreed Detochkin, – you are extremely responsive!

But relatives have a lot, but staff positions are very rare. Your departure disrupted the us plan.

– Andrei – promised Detochkin, I'll catch up!

– Go make it up! – boss sends a subordinate, limiting the precept of a General nature: – Remember, I will not put personal interests above the public!" (E. Ryazanov "Beware of the car")

Every important event in a person's life is already regulated social ritual, whether it's a birthday, wedding, and funeral. But the loss of Pets is not sanctioned by society. What makes the wound of loss is devastating. The ritual of birthday cake eliminates the difficult choice of what to entertain guests. About the white veil is a dream of every girl. Our death is taken care of by relatives or the state. But what about when you leave the being who denied the existence of the soul? This is too hard a choice to make it yourself.

How to decide to reveal their feelings even to loved ones. We can even wonder what is wrong with us? And ask yourself why we are so "disproportionate" respond to the loss.

Healing from acute grief to start with understanding that from our lives left not only a living entity, but also part of identity.

much has been said about the fact that modern people do not notice their neighbors. But if you have a pet, you will not go unnoticed. Most likely, you know how "Mama Rosie" or "Fido's dad". Online social media pages, our Pets often have more subscribers than our own. Thus, our Pets become part of our identity. Without them we once again become invisible.

nowadays it is fashionable to have a therapist. But how to find one that is not sleeping when you tell?! Even the sleeping cat, his purr will tell that attentively listening to you.

"We are responsible for those who tamed", said French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Now we do not have these pleasant duties. And free time, which always lacked, filled with longing.

For many, their pet is part of your family. They can see their parents or brothers and sisters several times a year. But their cat, dog, horse, bird or any other cherished pet, which we consider as a pet is a part of everyday life. The death of a pet to live much more difficult than relative, but who live God knows where.

Grief has no timeline and no boundaries. Your level of grief may depend on your age and personality type, as well as from the circumstances of the death of your pet.

But any loss of, miss the person through the common people stage:

In the beginning, we can't accept the fact of what happened. Refuse to live with this emptiness in the soul and in the house – this is the stage of rejection

Then comes the anger, fate, a higher power, those who do not help themselves...

Anger and despair, gradually replaced the work of the mind. Move all possible options that would be if... This stage is called "Bargaining".

When the brain and feelings - all the tired covers of true sorrow, it is also called the stage of depression. This condition can really be dangerous. It is important not to be alone and to urgently move to the last phase of accepting the loss.

Adoption - the final stage, but acceptance of a loss does not mean that "Everything passed and everything is forgotten." At this stage you begin to feel that your life is back to normal. And you start to think about taking in your life a new pet.

Not forgetting that "When you give yourself to tame, then it happens and cry" Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Makovsky Bella
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