How to survive the insult if you already broke up?

If the betrayal led to the breakup, you have to force the conscious mind to find an excuse for such developments to resolve their internal conflict and to maintain health.

One woman asked the question: “How can I test to her ex-spouse respect if he betrayed me?” Can be forgiven if it happened once. What to do if he disrespected you and betrayed more than once?

it's difficult to forgive after parting remains a feeling of resentment in accommodation which takes from several months to a year.

accommodation grievances:

- You accept the betrayal as a lesson. And respect the circumstances that have played an important role in your life. God sent you to this test. If you are after a betrayal trust people, live with an open mind, you become stronger spiritually.

- the same lesson, but different. The lesson here is that you yourself lied to, and the man who was with you, mirror your the lie. Only you lied to yourself internally, and your loved one made it in. And you have respect for the lesson to him and to God through him. God says to you: “you lie, You adapt, you sincere with that person. He feels your insincerity and through the betrayal expressed their pain.”

- It's just not your man. You did something wrong, gave love for love and a higher power created tension between you, so you can push off, to leave and not to suffer. And each of you deserves a new relationship.

it is Necessary to live, to feel resentment, to understand the sense of betrayal and separation.  Have difficulties with relationships, there are two vectors - you grow stronger, grow, through experience and understanding causal relationships, or weak. If you grow, in addition to relationships you have had and other vital support that helped you to cope with the situation. If you're weak, then your only support was a different person. At some point you have to concentrate on it, forget about the other aspects of life.

Psychologists can condemn me for the use of turning to God. It is their right. My right to believe that faith plays a significant role in resolving internal conflicts.

Natalya Loginova

the psychologist

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