In life there are situations with whichtocope is incredibly hard. Whenthepain as if tearing you up inside, when it seems that the whole world has gone out and you were left alone, around the void and nothing would stick..

At this point it is important to know: to handle yourself is optional. You can and should seek help. To find someone who will support, who will help to find the lost targets or just stick around. Not condemning, not demanding durability, but only understanding and accepting everything that happens to you.

no matter who it is: a relative, close friend, acquaintance, neighbor or a psychologist, it is important that such a person was.

the Mountain is a very important time to mourn the loss, to realize what role she played in your life and to say goodbye. And most importantly – to continue to live.

Realizing everything that happens with you living outofstate and taking the support possible to make this path shorter and easier for yourself and those around you loved ones.

At the moment there is an internationally recognized classification of the stages of grief, loss or acceptance of the inevitable, which was developed by American psychologist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross:

  • Shock, denial,
  • Bargaining
  • Anger and aggression
  • Depression
  • Adoption
  • in favorable cases, is considered, what is the travel time from the first to the last stage takes up to a year. I will not write about them in detail, but I'll just say that each a very important and necessary, neither one not tobemissed, and each stage has its own characteristics and for that you need to understand to know of the danger lurking behind them, verywellto feel what is happening with you.

    the Current experience is not sequentially starting from the first stage to the last. Often they are mixed together and you can jump from one state to another.

    Another feature that your loved ones are likewise with you pass all the steps, and faced exactly the same in their manifestations. Sometimes you can experience a similar condition, and sometimes they do not match.

    Speaking about the loss, I mean not only the death of a loved one, and everything that one can experience as loss, divorce, serious illness (loss of capacity, loss of any function is also loss), loss of environment, lifestyle, etc.

    this criterion will not be important causes, but only and only your personal attitude and your personal experiences.

    Sometimes, people are very sensitive, at first glance, not such a significant event in my life, but having past experience really serious losses. And then it may happen that this event will be like a catalyst for all those past feelings in the past that suddenly becomes relevant.

    it is Therefore important to carefully treat yourself or your loved ones. It is important to be able to ask for help and receive it. It is important to know - your experiences are not evidence of weakness or failure as an individual, but a Testament to your humanity, your ability to feel and be vulnerable.

    this is Especially true of men! Because in our culture so far from men he is expected to be in silence, gritting his teeth to overcome difficulties and not one tear will roll down his cheeks. Men do not cry, they must suffer in silence. For me personally, masculinity including to not be afraid of their vulnerability, do not look to public opinion to be, despite the possible condemnation and displeasure of others.

    while Staying fully hard emotions, your soul is freed to again in the future tohavethe ability to love, to rejoice, to notice the beauty around you and live life to the full.

    take Care of yourself, please!

    Julia Shadrunova
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