How to take bodily imperfection?


All that is clearly the body according to its innate and acquired imperfections – the qualities of the Soul, which are dangerous to forget. This is something that is impossible to immerse yourself in and hide. Obvious imperfections like are intended to demonstrate to all as a reminder that something in our collective evolution are unable to match the true image of man and we have much to transform myself.

Before I explain how to be? You need to focus on the very fundamental laws of nature: First, nature is never wrong; the Second, nature is not malicious.

Deformities, imperfections and injuries on the scene when human consciousness tries very nature to divide into compliance and non-compliance and trying to choose something brought about by culture, but not nature. But the aesthetic deviations in the body ripen very slowly and even unexpected injuries, too, and therefore every fact of bodily imperfection is a huge galaxy of the tragedies of humanity, disappearing into the deep time that to understand that is not possible. To live with this necessary life and the easier this will become.

the Image of a man lives in the blood. It is inherited and is a witness to and Creator of evolution, because blood is water, which created life. Water, in its sacred depths is a way of life and filled with its force. The water of the ocean from which we came, filled with powerful sound mode of existence and continues in us. It ocean water in our body creates an evolutionary barrier, below which the drop impossible, and all that man is inert and controversial just sits on the beach and is manifested in public. So the ocean wants to sing us a song about the beauty of the image of nature in everything. Nature does not make mistakes and in this way wishes us well.

It is a powerful song of the ocean is the acceptance of imperfection. Any splash to the level of art, gives a deep awareness of personal bodily inconsistencies. Art can transform even the age-old entrenched cultural reality of man and of humanity and in a fit splash forces laid blood transformation of the body and the person begins to realize that everyone has a great place in it. This causes the natural image of man in action, and the powers inherent in the body, begin to seek the true image. People through the arts can re-recover your true image! Art, in turn, transforms everyone!

this art are accepted and treated all the bodily imperfections, even those that live in the depths of despair the human soul to its own imperfect body.
galaxy of Sing real songs about his “not the beauty” and you will be transformed! But if You find your genre of art, then gradually it will lead you to your real appearance and location in the world. And you will see that Life in You is not wrong and it's immensely good to You! This is a very powerful experience of his true identity.
Just remember once that all have their own Lives, their place, their way, its couple, its love – because nature does not make mistakes, and she's never been malicious.

From the series "notes of a transpersonal psychologist” from experience psychosomatic.

If You find it difficult to Express himself to find his form. We have a special room for such experiences – come Express yourself and you will be closer! This is priceless, because with them You have to live life!

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sincerely, transpersonal psychologist Dmitry Kalabin

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