How to talk with your child about depression?


We talk with children about the cold, sick stomach, bronchitis, but how to find words for a child if he is suffering from depression?

Little child, experiencing depression, it is difficult without the help of an adult to find the words. Therefore, young children often say "stomach hurts or head", "I want to cry". Parents can help the child, for example, to say: "your sense of joy is now ill, so you want to cry, grieve and do not want to play. I love you and will help to cure your joy." Then a small child will appear word to describe their condition and able to talk about it with their parents.

You say to the child: "you have a sore throat, I want to help you, take the pills or wear the scarf." And then the child says to you, "my throat hurts" knowing that you know how to handle it. You can try to talk about "the treatment of joy." "Now your joy is sick, I want to help you, (here should be written the "cure" for happiness)". A cure for the joy each child has their own, watch what she likes to do and do it together, with the words "I like it when we do it!" "I love to paint with you!" "I knew you can do it!"

See that worsens the child's condition. I guess You told your child something like: "you now Have a cold and it's cold outside, so we don't go for a walk", knowing that the cold air now not very useful. With depression, it seems. "You're sad and you feel all bad. It happens when the feeling of joy is sick. I'll help you find good, then your sense of joy will begin to recover."

"You feel bad, mad at myself, blame is because your feeling of joy is sick. I'm gonna help you see and feel good."

This is not about to devalue the experiences of the child or "think positively". The child in the depression, even the smallest, for himself the most severe critic and Prosecutor, he needs the one who will approve of, "Yes, the circle was broken, but you wanted to water the flowers, take care of them and I'm glad!", support "I like how you do it!", protect "I love you, for me you are the favorite child and I with you!". br>

Uzywac Catherine
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