How to teach a child helpless?



(some practical insights from the theory of learned helplessness M. Seligman)

Learned helplessness – a condition where a person thinks that external circumstances do not depend on him, and he can't do anything to change them.

Laboratory experiments of Martin Seligman helped to formulate the theory of learned helplessness and the theory of informed optimism. therefore, in 1967, to M. Seligman has award of the American psychological Association.

Conclusion of the experiments a - if the consequences of actions aimed at changing the environment is unpredictable, the person gradually learns to stand still. Even when he has the opportunity to affect unpleasant circumstances and to change the situation.

the following is bad advice on how to teach a child to experience a state of helplessness. Addressed to parents and not only. ;-)

1. You have to be unpredictable! - the consequences of the same behavior should be varied: for example, punish today for something yesterday praised (and better for what you praised yesterday the neighbor boy/girl). br>
2. And once again, unpredictable! - the consequences of different behaviors have to be dull: scold the child if he is lazy or if he tries, you still scold not enough after trying, and so to prevent, in order not conceited. br>
3. The consequences of the actions must be delayed in time (pretend you ignored his failure/mistakes, and remember him about it later, it is better for other relatives)

4. Modify for him all that is done is not well - peremoyte floor, parasyte button, to shift things in his room, since you seem right - because it is impossible to tolerate such a mess! br>
5. Oh, and redo the lessons for him! br>
6. Repeat your actions regularly, preferably years. br>
7. ... and voila! Helpless and dependent people ready! Your old age will not be lonely! br>
P. S. Be careful! If the grown-up child will know that something is wrong and to seek psychotherapy, alas, your efforts may be in vain. =(

Tyramine Irina
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