How to understand how serious to you your man


You have a long time to meet your beloved man and like all well. You have fun together, you feel good and you have great sex. But you'd like to know how seriously you and this relationship is your partner. Whether for him this is also important as it is to you or he just spends good time with you, not building any serious plans for your future with him?

 There are some signs that will help you to understand how seriously you man and really important for him these relations:

1. He opens up and trusts you

This is a very important feature. So pay attention to that and really if your man trusts you? Yes, men basically do not like to share their feelings and emotions, they don't want to seem weak and vulnerable. And if he sees a woman next to him only as a temporary option, you just won't see the point in Stripping in front of her his soul, thus establishing between them besides the physical and even emotional connection that can deepen and strengthen their relationship. He is just useless, all the same this relationship for long and certainly not forever.

 But if you are a woman who holds a special place in his heart and life and he sees you in his future, he on the contrary wants to let you know about it as much as possible.  He will not mind talking to you about really important things for him, he will also not avoid talking about your future together. It is with great pleasure to discuss this with you, not as soon as you talk about the desire in the future to create a family and have kids - once you start to change the subject or respond with something in kind, "Wait and see .."

2. You will have to invest

 If a man is truly serious in relation to the woman he's been Dating, he will not constantly think about how would it save, for example, always offer to pay the restaurant bill in half or always offer to stay home instead of though sometimes to get somewhere , for example in the movie. Well, unless they immediately agreed to allocate their funds and spend their time and both of them is completely satisfied. Otherwise, the man just doesn't want to particularly spend money on a woman who according to him, won't sleep long in his life. The same applies to gifts, any effort or even just emotions and attention from the men.

 But if he's really serious and determined in relation to the woman he's been Dating, he would be happy to pamper her with gifts, their attention, care and do make efforts. Of course, this does not mean that it needs to do incredibly expensive things and the more expensive they are, the more it means he loves and appreciates his partner. No, of course, because here more important is rather the fact of attention and the desire to please and to do something nice for the woman he loved. It also does not mean that the man is obliged to support his woman and she just turns into "kept woman", but counting every penny he spends on her, he too will not be. After all, he  would be really nice to do it. He will understand that invests in its own future and its "investment" will pay off.

 3. It introduces you to the important people

 He introduces you in your life, in your social circle, that is, introduces his family, his family, his close ones and best friends. That is, the man is not opposed to you have also become an important part of his life. Moreover, he may already consider you a very important, even integral part of his life and wants others to know and understand. Well, I agree that if you do not take the person seriously and do not build and do not see their future with him, why would you want to meet them their loved ones ..?

 That's the same thinking and male and therefore might not rush to acquaint a woman for quite a long time met with his family and friends. Why? After all, he still thinks that someday you will make it and then he will have to explain why they are not together, what happened and to answer a variety of uncomfortable questions. And so no one finds out about it.

I Hope that the signs that I described in this article will help you a little better understanding of your relationship and to understand in what direction they move and develop, if at all and how it really applies to you your man. Draw your own conclusions and remember that all is done for the better and you, in any case, all will be well. Good luck to you!

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