many people in life there are situations which are difficult to understand (for example, when you were a child you saw the world differently), experience emerged strong feelings (feelings of the child could be ignored by adults and are not considered important), to accept what is happening, and therefore it is difficult this experience to integrate into your life. In these cases, the included protective mechanisms of the psyche and the event "capsulized" and goes into the unconscious.

But the fact that this event can be removed from your memory or that you are impaired, but it is not removed from your psyche, it continues to live in your subconscious and in your body in the form of muscle spasm. In order that the psyche continued to hold the "capsule" that keeps you from meeting with these traumatic experiences and pain requires mental energy. And the more "non-living", the stories in your life, the more energy goes to maintaining this "isolation".

Think of someone you child or yourself as a child – how much energy, effort, like a child crying from the heart, as it is able to demand or to rejoice, as he lives in that joy or frustration at it all! He lives! He lives!

now think a decent adult – like he is happy? How is he mad? How is he honest? He says what he thinks? Or speak? How many in this life? How much energy? How much depression feelings? And how much inner freedom? Delicious if that person lives? And how are you?

fatigue, accumulated stress, disturbing thoughts, lack of understanding of what I want to do in my life, lack of confidence that I it is available, lack of energy to carry out their plans and just living their lives – How? How you want to live your life?

What happens in therapy? How real help? and how real life changes? Let's be honest. Therapy is work. As in any business if you work you have the result. There is also the amount of work.

How to realize what I really want? Due to what you can implement what you want? Where to get this power and energy? And what about those circumstances where you are?

In the therapy space together with the specialist, you can realize your true desires, to review the parent installation, review your beliefs to understand they help you or hinder your development, you will be able with a number psikhoterapevticheskijj techniques and methods to recast your "inner child" love, acceptance, and allow him to manifest, to be, to live, to love, to be sad, and all you needed in childhood and underpaid. This will give inner strength and the ability to act differently. This will give you a new vision of the reality in which you live. As well gradually filled with resources to recover the internal integrity working through your traumatic experience, you will be able to release blocked energy from there, to respond, it is possible to understand from this something valuable, to build your personal boundaries, learn to say no, learn to defend themselves, these developments are progressively integrated into your personal history and you become a more holistic person. Can accept yourself learn to treat yourself with respect and care. Realize your value in this world and will be realized.

If You find this valuable – Welcome to personal therapy!

Olga Parusnikov
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