continue the theme of "eternal love". The first part is about the visual:
Here we will look at: how to become the only one - for "the listener")))

Most of us loves music. But only for the auditory organ of hearing - the main source of perception of reality prevailing over the others. And strong emotions he feels just from the>

Features "auditory" men

If the emotions and feelings of a visual awakening visual images - images that or he "sees" in memory, or designs (his eyes go up); then for the most important auditory sounds, he hears around (his eyes at the conversation going hand - right or left).br>

Returning home from work, he is unlikely to notice changes in your appearance, but must inquire - "How are you ?"and tell me - how was your day with him. He loves to talk, but "configured" to only the rhythm of speech and "inner logic" of words.

Often sits with a blank look - is a "dialogue with yourself". And after this "internal conversation" he can dramatically change the mood. And you are going to do with it.

It is very logical and has an excellent memory remembers everything you hear. And pay attention not only on the meaning of the words, but the tone of your voice, well recognizing the lies and noticing a pause (after all, when we lie - often tilts his head (voice becomes muffled) and make a small pause before the pronunciation of untruth). And "hearing" people very clearly will catch it. And remember.

(Incidentally - for reference. In one of the modern textbooks on legal psychology clearly States that during a telephone conversation with a higher authority the subordinate must get up!)))

as well as visual, auditory, male will not tolerate, if he will discuss with outsiders. And will know it if the tone of your voice when talking on the phone with friends suddenly become a>
Auditory little moves. He was intelligent, Hobbies which - conversation, reading, or planning. And of course - listening to music. He does not want to see anything - prefers to hear your story about>
There are two "kinds" of hearing men. First - I can't stand silence or talking, or sitting with headphones and listen to music. Second - do not tolerate loud noises and screams. This hinders them to concentrate.

family life is at loggerheads you, how many would not yell at such a man is not reaching. You simply will not hear.

But "the listener" well, I love to teach others. They will not sympathize with you, and seem "cold". Because it will immediately analyze the situation and propose a solution. Most likely will not be comforted when crying.

How to convey to auditory men their wishes?br>
Yes, as well as to visual! Speak only in the language of the type of perception!

for Example: you're upset and want to hug you. And he preaches and teaches. And you want affection and comfort! In this case, you need to say the following: "Dear, I heard your words. It sounds very reasonable. But now I really want you to just hugged me."..

You also need to tell him about his love. He yearns for. Moreover, it is important to tone of voice and the meaning of words - match. Loves specific words (affectionate nicknames) and tone.
Especially good kind words and favorite (quiet) tone acting on "the listener" if he's annoyed. In this case he calms>
He is indifferent to her appearance. Wear the costume you have chosen. Order in the house too will support you. He is not lazy, but would be too long to argue with myself - where must lie one or the other>
it May be mad from any creaking in the apartment, noisy neighbors or the sound of dripping tap water.

How to speak with the auditory?

Objazatelno insert dialogue his lines. Or at least support, "yep." So it will be comfortable to speak and he will be "broadcast inspirational")))

determine Precisely what your husband is - auditory - as I wrote - in his eyes. In the interview they clearly run horizontally from side to>
Let's change the dialogue that I cited in yesterday's article here but the example of the conversation with the visual (it was about a suddenly fallen down inheritance and the trip to Cyprus).the
item 2. When your husband seems to be and agrees that it would be good to go (but his eyes are left horizontally to the left (toward your right) in the area of sound memories, it is possible to specify (guess thoughts!) - "Did you hear about Cyprus?"
item 3. If you guessed it - he will smile and say, "I've heard from friends that it is cool."..Or say - "In my childhood happened to be there with the family. It was noisy but fun."..
i.e., he will surely answer you in the "sound" images :"I remember the sound of the sea...And the cry of gulls">
When talking on the auditory language - you need to demonstrate emotions. When I remember the vivid sound images your man smile, his face perked up, and wrinkles are>
the breath and the voice of the auditory: slow and smooth. The voice is "breathy".br>
House and clothing: Comfortable and useful. Wife of audial better to tell him that "the new renovation will make the building more comfortable." Gifts better to give too>
"Re" auditory man is impossible. But "hearing" language to explain that innovation for convenience. Very useful. For example: "the New washer will produce a lot less noise." Or:" Resort in Turkey, it is better to book a 5 star, because then the staff would provide us convenience and comfort."br>
so, when talking with the auditory (to you precisely heard) to use such "auditory stimulants":
- let's listen to music together
- what you suggest sounds nice
-it's good to listen to the silence
- You are an excellent story teller
- We need to carefully and more often to listen to each other
-Come on in silence calmly discuss this issue
-Better to leave this restaurant. It's noisy here. Let's find a quiet cafe...

Remember how in the "Arabian tales"? "Oh Great! Your words are nectar to my ears!")))

ie - model words: instead of the usual phrase: "Looks good" (inherent to the woman-visual), it will be necessary to say "This idea sounds good - what do you think?"

Clicking on the "auditory language" husband-auditory, you can not only instantly get his attention, but to get rid of stress and scandals in the>
Auditory gets pleasure from reading (he can't see pictures (visual), hears the voices of the heroes of the books), listening to music and audio productions, literary work, teaching and public speaking (and may be a speaker and a listener),>
the features of the intimate sphere: it is not interested in your underwear, romantic dinner, your new perfume or bedroom decoration.
"will Get" favorite music, reading out loud love story (or even your old letters with a Declaration of love) Say some intimate phrases even describe out loud their feelings of intimacy. and you'll find the words that are needed now and will drive him crazy.
Before touching - always say some affectionate>
"Hearing woman." Easily communicates with people and mediate in disputes. Rational. Is prudence. Calm. Her ideas are original. Loves chatting on the phone, but can't stand to write letters or SMS. A natural raconteur, capable of "charming" voice to sell anything. Fluent analyzes the audio recording and is able vividly and accurately reproduce the events>
Being itself an auditory, just recently found out about one of the unpleasant features of hearing women described in the literature. Our brain is constantly creating scenarios. Including scenarios of dreams. And in dreams we not only see pictures but also hear the voices promising something terrible. It is not a pathology, but merely a feature of our psyche. And the way there is only one thing to do: tell the voices to shut up! And they listen - I have personally checked!)))

let's finish. Tomorrow I will write about man - kinestetike living experience. About "sensual", the emotional man and the power of his>
Until next time, dear readers! You were Elena Olkhovich.)))

Olkhovich Elena
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