How to understand man? How to understand woman?


Since time immemorial, people try to understand the motives of other people, marveling at and wondering how the other person can do what they never could have imagined... And most of these questions are relative to the opposite sex, of course. So, if you look at the statistics of the queries in Wordstat, it may be noted that the issues "How to understand a man" was 79000 per month, and "How to understand woman" - 29718. Therefore, here are the differences between male and female. Women much more often than men are concerned with understanding members of the opposite sex.

men and women are different and we think differently, accordingly, behave differently, nobody will argue. Written a lot of literature that men "from Mars" and women "from Venus", that their brains are not arranged in the same way that all Cox male and female hormones. All this is true. The Internet is replete with articles on the secrets of behavior men and women, the eternal interest built a lot of gender training. And things are there... Why?

Because in addition to gender differences, people have more and individual, dictated by temperament, character, attitudes, principles, peculiarities of education, health, etc., etc., and no training, no book or article will not be able to answer the question "Why does my(I) man/woman does that?"

Therefore, we recommend our readers not to look for the answer to this question at different trainings, psychological forums, books and articles on the Internet, and ask your favorite (th): "let's talk. Tell me, why are you doing this? I can't understand, but I really want to understand the motives of your action. I find it very important". And here, in the foreground the ability to communicate, the ability to not only speak, but to hear his partner, the ability to speak with respect, not "hitting" on the person. After all, this is "hitting" the same negatively perceived men and women, and does not contribute to the Frank and trustful conversation, but rather leads to conflict and complications of the relationship.

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