How to understand men. Part 1.

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the Question is capacious, so will understand in parts)))

In the first part we rely on the science of epigenetics.
It's about that very much affects us the story of two previous generations.
is It that female guardian, and male carrier of the gene pool.
want a bit of a retrospective. br>
World. Who dies on the front line – of course the peasants, who the brave and bold. Highest, though the peasant ethics For King and Fatherland!!!

the Great October Revolution – flower of the nation, intelligent, strong men are whites and the end of this story we all know.
So the best male representatives of our gene pool wiped from the face of the country, while the genocide of the gene pool continues. Not very strong and brave, but smart and intelligent shot or slowly away and forever be banished.

our Women have given birth to new Men, but war 1941-1945 – loss of 1/3 of the male population. Died the most honest, strong and brave men of childbearing age.

Some men were safe and sound and do not want to talk. A warrior, who came from the field alive, neither of which rehabilitation could not dream.
Drink too much, sometimes they beat him up a wife got away with it.
Relaxed, ceased to be a man, parasitism and betrayal become the norm.

State stands out, that would be the remnants of manhood were lost in the Communist idea or drowned in alcohol under the sound of the dominoes.
Lucid and courageous are rare, but for them wide open open gate of the Gulag.

Khrushchev thaw did the trick. And the gene pool broke through the ideological iron curtain. At this time, it was made to help wear girls portfolio home from school...
But it lasted not long, and again one-zero in favor of the state and "green snake".

Dashing 90-e knocked out in men latest ideas and how to treat a woman and to the family. Men were divided into two categories.

  • a Few lucky miners (from the market speculators to the latter-day bankers) are aware that the production of money and sex is the alpha and omega of what a woman needs from them.
  • And numerous unlucky whiners who believe that the world is unfair, does not appreciate their University degree, engineering experience and other advantages. While the wife nags as whole life sawed mom, in General, life is a failure - thank God the TV is.

Today young people know about the words courage, nobility, honor and dignity from computer battles, but where there is a woman no one understood.
even the voice in the metro who constantly reminds the "Give up your seat to the elderly, the disabled and passengers with children" no one responds. br>
What is happening? the
Is the genocide of the gene pool has such devastating consequences? Why physically healthy men do not have contact with his manhood?
what happened in all that time with women? br>
in the Beginning of the last century, they still remember that it is important to follow their men as it was for anyone to follow, but then, as we have already seen, this was not true. the
After the great Patriotic war our woman is completely self-sufficient – work, raise children and learn at the same time. And more and more responsibility assumes for themselves, their children and for "that guy".

Drawn by the call of nature (and thank God so do not die out), falls in love, bears children, realizes that he is deeply mistaken, but rolled up their sleeves and picked up scattered in front of the TV remains the responsibility, forgetting the dignity and biting at the bit to plow on.

Today, women who do not agree with this position, read the manuals of the type "Men and how to manage them".
Completely disagree throw old men, and the practiced knowledge of those tools on the new men – helps a little.

Is it all so hopeless. And where are we going?
Read about it in my following articles. "How to understand men?" (part2) (part3) (Part 4)

Author Vlasov Yuri

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