How to understand that it is time to end the relationship with your partner?


it is Very important that the issue is the phrase “How to understand” and not “When”. This is a very important detail, because the question “When?” the answer would be something like: “when you feel exhausted, when there is no happiness when you don't spend time together.” But asking “How to understand?”. Let's deal.

Let's first figure out what prevents us to understand. If you ask me, “ What prevents a person clearly realize that it's time to get out of those or other relations?”, my answer will be — illusion. In this case, the illusionist is not a partner of the person, and he is unlucky in love.

How do we build the illusion about relationships? On this subject I would advise you to read the blog of Marina Komissarova “Evolution”. But, in a nutshell, the following happens: you fall in love, are the priceless gift of himself to man, he refuses, in your picture of the world comes crashing you don't take that as a no. You don't understand how from such a valuable gift you can give, and therefore put forward the version that the person refused, he or she is just playing hard to get or maybe thinks he's not worthy of such an honor, or something else like that. That is, they create the illusion that your perception is more pleasant than the reality in which you rejected.

So the first point in the question of how to understand that the relationship has stalled and it is time to stop them, says: get rid of illusions. A sober look at relationships. You beat? Hurt? Did not show respect? Don't appreciate your concern and show of his? If Yes, then ask yourself if that's what you want from a relationship? If your answer is no, and you are on the verge of a breakup, then most likely you are in illusions.

Another indicator of illusions: how much relationship you are investing, and how investing partner? If your contribution exceeds the partner you already so plunged into the illusion that began to partner a trough. In such a situation the wife begins to cover her husband that day lying on the couch and does nothing around the house. The husband begins to shower his wife with gifts, though, and knows she's cheating on him, and about a year of not showing him the slightest sign of tenderness.

so, if you feel that in your relationship something is wrong and want to understand, get rid of the illusions and look at the situation soberly. If you can't handle this yourself, consult a specialist. I assure it will save you a lot of energy and resources.

Bulynko Jaroslav
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