How to understand that the psychologist seduces you


Sex is always at the beginning of life, or scandal. Before that caused a duel, now for the misbehavior of slowly torturing the printed word. What was before known only to the priests and the psychoanalysts, journalists now disclosed. But not everyone wants to tell their story to journalists, and psychologists no longer trust. Here about this story that was leaked to the media only through the murder, and will be discussed.

On crimes-respected psychotherapist Colin Buver, head of the Department of psychiatry at the medical University, became known at the beginning of the two thousand and first year. And it happens in far away New Zealand. But this does not mean that something similar is not happening in our time. With us. The true reason for the death of his wife, which he so deftly pulled off, was discovered by the police. The coroner (investigator – pathologist) called it "science fiction proportions of Baron Munchausen". The investigation respected doctor told me that was in the dungeons of the secret police because of his Association with the African national Congress (ANC) during the apartheid regime. There were incredible torture with electricity and even have been partially castrated (lost egg). But the answer to the request of the South African Council of health: "the doctor has been declared sick by a doctor due to his addiction to the drug pethidine (a morphine analogue), what was the reason for his move to New Zealand".

it is Difficult to say why the community psychiatrists in the Green Continent did not notice that their colleague is not right. But the endocrinologists, even on autopsy, were able to discover that his wife suffered from diabetes. And died just from insulin used for the treatment of this disease. So the doctor and got on the table to the investigator, and then opened and additional features of his personality. Were interviewed the patients with whom he worked as a psychologist, and two of them admitted that they had sex with him out of compassion. "He was so convincing," they said, "that he had never had sex because his wife had cancer". As shown by the autopsy, no signs of cancer in his wife was!

the Doctor was convicted, but what happened to his patients, I failed to find out. In Runet this topic is not discussed, but there are English-language resources, mainly lawyers, where you can see that this case is not isolated.

I Want to believe that most of my colleagues received a decent education, and do not implement their pathology to those who turned to him for help.

it is Possible to question the concept of Freud and his followers, but the phenomenon of love in the doctor, especially if there is help and attention on his part, inevitable. And here, if the gown and hands, and even brains, the doctor is not clean enough, may be irreparable. A psychologist, and a priest, the vicar of the soul on earth... but suddenly he shows deception and violence...I Think further comment is superfluous

Look to your executor, ie, a psychologist, and especially a colleague, if he does not show the following features:

  • texting personal content
  • unjustified increase in session time
  • the disclosure of their current problems or sexual fantasies
  • touch which may look friendly, but not included in the Arsenal of a professional psychologist
  • the retelling of sexual jokes or stories
  • compliments regarding physical appearance
  • promotion of dependencies: "he has a special knowledge of or commitment (I won't let you down, I'm the one who understands you and only he can help you).
  • the discussion of abstract topics, aspects of life not affected by the process of therapy
  • alcohol during sessions
  • offer a gift
  • refusal of payment of their work
  • statement of romantic statements: "you are so special, I love you very much"

there are more options to list, may this will help you intuition and third-party opinion.

Makovsky Bella
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