How to understand that You are in crisis


Many are familiar with the word crisis. And it always something that happens to us is a crisis?

For me, the crisis is a turning point. This is another growth point of our personality. After the crisis, our lives are definitely changing.

However, this is a very difficult time in our lives, when it is impossible to live according to the old familiar pattern, and where to direct our own lives is not clear, afraid to go forward and not get back.

Metaphorically - a man stands at the crossroads. You can go right, left, forward. It's impossible to make a move. It is not clear where to go? Why? Need?

And back does not work, familiar road, which was first turned into the abyss. That is on the edge: scared, it is not clear anxious.

In this state it is difficult to understand what is happening. And often the cause of their condition we see in other people( husbands, wives,children, bosses, neighbors, government, etc.) that if they do not, then it would be easier to live like I used to. Listen to yourself and especially to change their way of life very few people want. Yes, and not always in these changing forces, and it is not clear what it is I'm having a crisis.

so how to understand that You have a crisis?

1. State of mind/heart sadness more 2недель. Often described as a stone on my heart in a Vice, the soul is crying, I want to howl, melancholy green etc

2. Constant sense of danger or impending doom. Many speak of feeling binding woes ( or with them or with family, or with people, etc.)

3. The future is not determined. The feeling that the better and easier will never be. There is no meaning, no future, no light.

4. The destruction of their traditional way of life. A person can stop doing the basic things that were present in his life. Well, does it make sense for me to comb , to go to work, if the world is crashing down. And there is no future. And no strength.

5. The feeling of losing control over what's happening. I can't change anything. Nothing depends on me. Complete impotence.

6. The collapse of beliefs about themselves or the world. It's not just a disappointment, it's total destruction, and in a moment. That is a sharp break between the old me and the me in the present.

These States in the crisis are at the same time, and often go through a crisis it can be difficult, and sometimes impossible. In the complex conditions required professional help.

But knowing what You're going through can help you to feel the "ground".

Remember that You have overcome in your life many crises and You coped with them.

remember how you lived crises?

What helped You to cope with the crisis at that time?

What changes occurred in Your life after the crisis?

the positive You have learned from the past?

And remember "this too shall pass, this too shall pass". Just give it time.

Elena laleva
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