How to understand what happens to a child in kindergarten?


playing with children is the best way to understand what is happening with the child, his environment. One way to find out what is happening in the relationship the child has with other children, parents and other adults is a modelling situation. Will notice that the tale and metaphor remains permanently in a person's life. Even adults better perceive the situation through the metaphor.

so, the kids and the game. What do I need toys, baby, You and listen carefully to what is said the child. In this situation the challenge for the adult is to be discharged a little, using the minimum. The main thing – to set the direction. For example, You want to know what happens to the child in the yard, in the garden, to discover his relationship to the house, to understand the reason for certain actions.

so, take a lot of different small toys (animals, mythical or fabulous creatures, inanimate objects). Set the direction – for example, what happens to the child in the garden. Then the game will be called "Game in kindergarten." Ask them to select from the whole mass of toys, one which will be for the child. Ask to put this toy in space. Now are the kids with whom he plays, with which the complex relationship neutral. After that you select the caregiver. Okay, now let the child just play. Ask questions, he will answer. Improvise.

Informative all figures choose where himself whether the figures one area (all animals, or someone inanimate object, if animals, who are carnivores and herbivores, and so on). As describes a situation in which emotions during the game, where he puts himself, describes in the first place. The child tells himself, as everyone perceives, what the reality of the situation.

These games can teach children starting from three years.

the Game is the leading children's need to play sensibly.


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