Good Day to all.

the Experience from my practice. all names have been changed.

One day I got a call from my colleague Thais. And offered to work with her a little. She's had her Dating Agency. But she had a creative crisis and all the client has not received the desired.

Situation 1. Female 31 years old. Alina. There is a child. Have never been married. It was always a lot of lovers, but she wanted her husband. Requirements: tall, rich, no kids, no ex-wife, from a good family. Ready to adopt a child, hire a cook and arrange a complete wedding. Taisiya was professional and found great options. No man passed even the stage of consideration of applications.

We began to understand, held individual consultations with Alina. And it turned out. She never wants to get married and everything suits her. But there's mom, sister ( who has been married). And public opinion. Everybody talked about. You don't have to pay child alone, you don't have to choose. You should not want a big wedding, you're not at that age.

the Case was difficult because Alina was very domineering mother. And any opinion is not perceived. But we have raised the self-esteem Alina, took her special mom and Alina stopped looking for her husband. The son of Alina every day saw mom happy.

Stories about the wrong choice or imposed opinion very much.

Ask yourself:

1. What do I want? ( not parents, not society, not your second half), But did You?

2. What I want to do this?

3. The result will make me happy?

Situation 2.

a Woman of 45 years, Maria. I have a daughter. Behind a marriage that lasted 20 years. Easy divorce and the feeling of freedom. Lived all his life in Saint-Petersburg. Daughter, married, born granddaughter. And Maria wanted to be with a man who will be her friend, Advisor and lover.

And here she found a wonderful man. This was getting 100%. But there was one thing. He lived in Moscow. When the daughter found out, was furious.

We started work. And it turned out that the daughter sent the mother to the Agency, that she would understand that men are not. What we have to give her daughter and granddaughter.

In this case we worked together. Removed all the accumulated wrongs, where expectations back the confidence of the daughter, and strengthened two marriages.

my daughter was not the right message, because there was a lot not said.

When there is resentment, it is difficult to speak and to make the right decisions.

I Recommend to do a little exercise:

1. Draw resentment and yourself on a single sheet.

2. Give the name of his offense.

3. Compose a story or a story about your offense.

From a correct understanding of What you really need depends on your life!!!!!

I'll be glad if You complete small tasks ( which are written at the top ) and send me an email at [email protected]

I can recommend you the direction where to move!!!!!!

All good luck! And remember YOU deserve to BE HAPPY.

Rassokhina Anastasia
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